AMD promises to reduce Radeon RX 6000 shortages by ramping up production

Some good news from AMD's recent earnings call

While there’s a possibility you’ll struggle to find the best graphics card at MSRP until next year, the drought could end sooner than expected for prospective members of the red team. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su told investors to expect sales of its Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards to “grow significantly over the upcoming quarters,” as production of the GPUs ramps up after “working closely” with its supply chain partners and gaining “additional supply”.

An earlier rumour suggested AMD may have planned to outsource chip production to Samsung in an attempt to resolve the problem with TSMC’s booked-up capacity, although it sounds like it’s found some free space without having to bring in a new player.

It’s not an overnight solution with the time it will take to fabricate chips and get production lines running at full pelt again, but AMD hopes that the stock and prices of Radeon graphics cards will stabilise in the coming months – which will be music to your ears if you’re sitting on a seemingly never ending waiting list.

Take this news with a pinch of salt, though – Nvidia suggested back in February that stock could improve by now, but its GPUs are still hard to come by.