AMD Ryzen CPUs might ditch integrated graphics

The AMD Ryzen 5 7500F will be the hardware manufacturer’s first desktop 7000 series CPU not to enjoy integrated graphics support, according to leaks.

AMD copies Intel no integrated graphics: mock up of an AMD Ryzen 5 7500F processor appears in front of an orange background.

AMD looks to be readying itself to launch a new 6-core processor, but unlike its other desktop AM5 CPUs, AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 5 7500F may be the first desktop CPU to be released with no integrated graphics support. Cheekily, this naming scheme brings the team red chip in line with the Intel Core F series processors that also ship without integrated graphics. What a coincidence!

According to leaked information gleaned from PugetBench via harukaze5719, the Ryzen 5 7500F will be a hexa-core CPU with the same core count as the Ryzen 5 7600, but a 100MHz slower clock speed.

Here are the AMD Ryzen 5 7500F leaked specs so far:

Cores 6
Threads 12
Boost clock 5.0GHz
L2 + L3 cache 38MB
Socket AM5
Price TBD

VideoCardz states that the Ryzen 5 7500F “is expected to be priced approximately $10 lower than the Ryzen 5 7600, which had an initial release price of $229”. If true, that’d mean a launch price of around $219.

Although it’s easy to sneer at the performance of integrated graphics, they can make for a useful stopgap while you save up for a new GPU. Aside from the news that no one’s using an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti on Steam, June’s Steam Hardware Survey showed us that a significant portion of Steam users are still using integrated graphics, with the Intel Iris Xe Graphics the most used at a 1.65% adoption rate. That’s more than any Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series card, to put it in perspective.

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