Amnesia The Bunker bolt cutters location

Cut your way out of this WW2 bunker, but do it quietly. We've got the steps you need to follow to find the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker.

There's plenty of searching for the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker

Where are the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker? You’ll need the bolt cutters in order to successfully obtain items that will allow you to escape. Finding them is easy enough, but actually obtaining them is a bit trickier. You’ll need to have obtained the wrench from the foreman’s locker in Mission Storage before acquiring these. Once you do, it’s time to go and get the item.

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There's plenty of searching for the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker

How to find the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker

Head into the prison and proceed along the entryway, either opening or ignoring the wooden doors you come across. You’ll eventually see a locked green door on your right, which leads to a console with some buttons. This is where you’re going.

Proceed into the corridor, but watch out, as there might be a tripwire waiting for you. You’ll be facing a wooden door in front and a line of cells on the side. One cell contains a German prisoner and the bolt cutters. You’ll need to break the door or get the stalker to do so.

You’ll find a heavy brick just inside the cell block which you can throw at the wooden door twice. Once you’re through the door go to your right and you’ll notice a grate attached to the wall via bolts. Use the wrench to remove the bolts and head inside.

There's plenty of searching for the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker

Once in, walk to the console and press all the buttons, which will open all the cells. You can also save your game here. Opening the cells summons the stalker from within the cell block. I suggest immediately moving, as he’ll see you in the control room and shortly move to murder you. Don’t even think about hiding in one of the four rooms near the grate you opened either. The stalker will find you even with a door closed. Instead, run back toward the area’s entrance and wait a bit before running back.

Once the coast is clear, go into the cell with the German soldier and grab the bolt cutters. You’ll probably want to be fast, in case you-know-who is still lingering in the area. Now you’re free to leave and go explore or go grab the dynamite and make your way toward the exit.

That’s all you need to do to get the bolt cutters in Amnesia The Bunker, so as long as you follow this advice, you should be able to make it back alive. Make sure to check out our guides on how to get the wrench, dynamite, and detonator handle if you need some more help.