Someone has created an Among Us and Brooklyn Nine-Nine mash up

I guess they just wanted it that way

Fridays are for watching the clock run down, planning weekend adventures, and writing about someone who finds a way to bring Among Us and Brooklyn Nine-Nine together. Artist Patri Cruz did just that by recreating one of the TV show’s best scenes through animation with Among Us’ bean bods front and centre.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene the Among Us fan creates features Jake Peralta trying to find the killer of someone’s brother. The only problem is, the victim didn’t see the person’s face. The only identifying detail is that he was singing along to The Backstreet Boys’ banger I Want It That Way. To separate the guilty from the innocent, Peralta has each man in the line up sing a line from the song. It’s a grand old time until they remember that one of them is a murderer.

The show’s crime-solving premise lends itself to Among Us. The sleeper hit is a whodunit were several of you try to perform menial tasks around a map while one or two people creep about and try to take you out. Once you stumble across someone’s wet work, you call an emergency meeting to find out who the killer is.

You can watch the video below – it’s Friday for Pete’s sake.

The social deduction game has blown up a tad of late. The Among Us player count sailed past 1.5 million recently. You love to see it.