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Among Us player count soars following the Airship update

Among Us' big new Airship update has dropped, bringing a raft more players back to the game

Among Us’ major new update has landed, with an Airship map, tasks, areas to explore “(or get murdered in)”, gameplay tweaks, and more in tow. And, it looks like it’s drawn a whole raft of players back to the social deduction game, too, with its Steam player count shooting up into orbit following the update’s launch.

Head to SteamDB’s charts for Among Us and you’ll see that the multiplayer game’s peak player count has shot up to around three to four times its recent numbers. The site’s data indicates the game’s concurrent player count has gone from figures roughly between the 22k-53k marks over the past couple of months (with a gentle decline overall) to a whopping high of 132,544 on the night of March 31 – the new update’s launch date.

Going by most recent numbers, that’s a peak player count around four times bigger than the ones seen in the last seven days, which sat somewhere between the 22.5k and 37k marks across the week. Phwoar.

Steam Charts similarly puts the 24-hour player count peak at 130,138, as of writing, which is a significant leap on last month’s concurrent high of 75k.

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The new Airship update adds the biggest map to Among Us yet, and brings the number of impostor-infested maps to four in total. It also folds in new tasks for all your little spacefaring beans to complete while avoiding a horrifying demise, like “jewel polishing, emptying trash (wow fun), and more”.

Ladders and moving platforms have also been added for better map mobility, along with some free new in-game cosmetics, and a new purchasable skin bundle. You can head to Among Us’ site here if you’re keen for the full rundown.