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2024’s most promising indie Metroidvania is coming to Steam real soon

The Animal Well Steam release date has finally been revealed, as 2024's coolest Metroidvania, published by 'videogamedunkey', is out soon.

Animal Well Steam release date

Animal Well, the phenomenal-looking ethereal Metroidvania with some incredible sound design, finally has a release date, which is a lot sooner than we might have thought. Set on the backdrop of a pitch-black cave illuminated by a smattering of neon visuals, this is a Metroidvania that could very well be one of the best in 2024.

With Prince of Persia The Lost Crown providing an incredibly strong start for Metroidvania games this year, Animal Well is shaping up to be another not-so-surprising surprise. Luckily for us, we’ve now got an Animal Well release date slated for May, so not long to wait to try it for ourselves.

The first game published by YouTuber ‘videogamedunkey’, real name Jason Gastrow, under their Bigmode label, Animal Well has a lot riding on it. Back when Gastrow announced that Animal Well would be published by their label, they said it would “surprise you, it’s going to spook you, it’s going to reward you for toying with its mechanics and delight you with some of the coolest animal interactions I’ve ever seen in a game.”

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The puzzle-filled world of Animal Well will require you to light up candles to fill out the map, with a focus on the genre’s penchant for non-linear exploration baked in too. You’ll have to keep a sharp eye out too, as your character has been depowered, meaning the enemies pose a threat that only your knowledge of the environment and items can solve.

Animal Well is set for launch on Thursday, May 9 on Steam, you can wishlist it right here.

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