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Legendary strategy city builder series heads back to the Roman Empire

Anno 117 has been unveiled by Ubisoft as the next entry in the long running strategy series, heading back in time further than ever before.

Legendary strategy city builder series heads back to the Roman Empire: The gentleman from the live action trailer for Anno 117.

There have been rumors for a long time about precisely where the Anno series will go next. A fan-favorite destination ripe for speculation has always been the Roman Empire, and finally it’s happening. Anno 117: Pax Romana is sending strategy players back to the second century, and even though there’s not much announced yet there’s still plenty to be excited about.

Despite there being a couple thousand years between us and the height of the Roman Empire, it feels like it’s definitely the right time to head back as Rome is simply everywhere right now. People are lapping up Roman content, from history podcasts to even more history podcasts. So the decision to send the city building game series back to that period in Anno 117: Pax Romana is a timely one.

In Anno 117 you’ll play as a Roman governor and if you’ve played an Anno game before, it sounds like you’ll be at home. You’ll build, expand, manage your citizens, trade with other areas, all the hallmarks of the series. There’ll be narrative elements at play as you encounter other characters, along with integration of 4X game mechanics like diplomacy and building up your military might to bring regions to heel under your iron-shod sandal.

Where it seems to hold real intrigue, however, is how it approaches the ideals and implementation of the Roman Empire itself. As a governor you’ll be able to choose where to start your campaign, the Celtic wetlands of Albion or the Roman heartlands of Latium. What Anno 117 seems to be asking as you play is if you want to simply do as Rome asks, or if you want to break free of your ideological shackles.

“We will not only deliver the fantasy millions of strategy players are waiting for: to govern one of the most iconic ancient empires, we will push beyond that, and change how people see the Roman Empire in games,” creative director Manuel Reinher says. “Explore different provinces and embrace the local or Roman way.”

So it looks like the real meat of the game will be in if you decide to play as a true child of Rome, or if you want to let your rowdy rabble of citizens live free of imperial rule. It’s an interesting question, and one that should appeal to the many Roman history buffs out there.

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Anno 117:Pax Romana will launch in 2025 and you can add it your wishlist on the Ubisoft Store and read more over on the official site.

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