Steam’s best city-builder player count rockets as free offer looms

Anno 1800 is one of the best city-building games around, and despite soon being a free game, a Steam sale has seen concurrent players skyrocket.

Steam's best city-builder player count rockets as free offer looms

What might just be the best city-building game on Steam is skyrocketing up the Valve storefront’s concurrent charts, as Anno 1800 is part of a massive Ubisoft Steam sale that’s currently ongoing before it will be available for free as well.

While Anno 1800 will soon be a free game for a limited time, it’s currently at a whopping 75% off in a gigantic Ubisoft Steam sale that includes Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. That means Anno 1800 is currently $14.99 USD / £12.49 GBP on Steam until March 9, with it free for a limited time soon after that.

This sale accompanies Ubisoft’s announcement about Anno 1800 coming to current gen consoles, with the city-builder also turning into a free game “on all platforms” to celebrate this launch between March 16 and 23.

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We haven’t even got to this free period yet, and Anno 1800 has still risen up the Steam concurrent charts. The game has been steadily hitting around 2,000 concurrent players on Steam for some time, but since March 2 this number has risen to over 10,000 concurrent players as of writing, with the 2019 game’s numbers likely to climb even higher with the free game week later this month (via SteamDB).

If you’re yet to play Anno 1800 but are intrigued, then this presents you with a bit of a dilemma. You can either buy it at a 75% discount before it’s available for free, or play it as a free game to see if you enjoy it, and then buy it outside of the sale. Keep in mind that the sale also applies to Anno’s DLC and bundles on Steam too, which will go back to full price after March 9.

You can check out the Anno 1800 sale on Steam right now.

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