Anno 2205 beta has been cancelled, replaced with in-game bonus

Anno 2205 cancelled beta

When Ubisoft and developer Blue Byte announced Anno 2205 at E3 this year, it came bundled with the promise of a beta. Pre-orderers would be able to play the moon-mining strategy game before the November 3rd release date. Unfortunately this is now not the case, as Ubisoft have cancelled the beta.

In a post on the German Ubisoft forums, the publisher explains that the beta has been cancelled, but offers no explanation as to why. The November 3rd release date is not expected to change, however.

In replacement of beta access, people who have pre-ordered will instead be given an in-game bonus, which will be announced sometime soon.

Anno 2205 will be playable at Gamescom this week. We’ve had chance to play it already, and found it offers a rather spectacular-looking future with some cool moon colony management.

Thanks, VG247.