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Anomaly Defenders turns the series on its head, with aliens protecting their home from villainous humans

Anomaly Defenders announced

11 bit has announced the next game in the Anomaly series: Anomaly Defenders. No more will you play as the desperate human defenders of Earth, fighting off a hostile alien invasion. 

In Anomaly Defenders, the tables have turned, with the humans invading the alien homeworld to put an end to the conflict once and for all. And this time, players will be commanding the alien forces. 11 bit is calling it a “reverse tower offence” game, which basically just means it’s a tower defence game instead of Anomaly’s usual brand of tower offence. 

The alien defenders will have access to eight unique towers that can be improved by working through a customised tech tree, adding extra armour and damage to the stalwart defences. Each tower has its own special ability, and players will need to plop down a mix of them, as not every tower is effective against every enemy unit.

You’ll be able to play through the 24 maps Anomaly Defenders contains this spring.

And it looks like, whatever happens, this will be the end of the human-alien conflict for good. It’s the last game in the series, so someone has to win.