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You can play as a garbage-loving crab in this new soulslike indie game

This adorable indie soulslike adventure game in a polluted underwater setting is calling out to us, and we're answering that call.

Another Crab's Treasure

You can finally live out your trash-loving crab dreams in this unique adventure game from the aptly named publisher/developer Aggro Crab. The upcoming Another Crab’s Treasure channels environmentalism through a soulslike survivor story where you take on the world as a small crustacean.

Rifle through polluted waters for new homes to wear on your back while traversing a “vibrant undersea kingdom on the verge of collapse” in this good-humored tale of bravery. The second soulslike game from Aggro Crab, Another Crab’s Treasure sees you embarking on a perilous journey to buy back your shell.

And just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one gamer’s ‘What the heck is this?’ is another gamer’s undersea masterpiece. Well, maybe. We can’t say that just yet because Aggro Crab only recently announced the Steam release date for this watery platformer: April 25, 2024. We haven’t played it yet, but oh boy we want to.

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With dark humor and a stylized look, Another Crab’s Treasure had its latest big development update on November 28, 2023, after its demo was taken down. Aggro Crab shared it had been working on the game using community feedback on the game’s Steam page, saying, “We’re thankful for all of the feedback, bug reports, and support for Another Crab’s Treasure you guys have given us!”

It went on, “Why did we take the demo down, you ask? Firstly, with all these big changes we made in the last month, we didn’t want an old stinky version of the game out in the wild. On top of that, while it’s been an incredible opportunity to hear your thoughts and feedback, it can be quite mentally taxing for the team! Keeping on top of your comments while in the final stretch of development is a lot, so you’ll just have to trust us that this is for the best.”

The developer also shared a list of changes being made. Things like “shell stat balancing” were tweaked and changes were made to add more platforming after players begged for more. The platforming is “more for vibes than a core skill for you to master,” but luckily we’ve got a rather large list of the best platform games if that’s what you’re after. There’s also the best adventure games, too.

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