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Crab based soulslike succeeds beyond developer’s “wildest dreams”

Another Crab's Treasure has sold over 150,000 copies in just a week, exploding past any expectations. Here's what's next for the game.

Crab based soulslike succeeds beyond developer's "wildest dreams": The crab from the game stands holding a green glowing item with wonder, surrounded by long strands of kelp.

Don’t you hate it when someone comes along and steals your house? In Another Crab’s Treasure that’s exactly what happens to your hero crustacean, sending you off on an adventure to get your shell back and find out what’s going on this incredibly polluted part of the ocean. Combining tight soulslike combat with a cuddly cartoon feel, Another Crab’s Treasure has shot past all expectations, even the developer’s.

In a Steam update posted today, developer Aggro Crab talks about how Another Crab’s Treasure has been far, far more popular than it expected. “This game has already succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,” the developer says in its post, going on to confirm that the soulslike game has hit over 150,000 sales across all platforms. Combine that with the game’s Steam rating which continues to sit very pretty at 93% and we’re looking at a potential indie smash hit here.

Looking to the future, developer Aggro Crab admits that there’s lots of work still to be done on the game with the high player count highlighting issues. “We also know things are far from perfect,” explains the developer. “Having WAY more players than we expected in week 1 has exposed a LOT of bugs, some of the rare ones being deeply serious and progress-ruining.”

That said, the team is aware of its limitations. With only 11 members and having just released a game, the Another Crab’s Treasure developer admits that frankly, it’s tired, and the post-launch support has worn out its team members even more. “We’ve been straining ourselves even harder post-launch pushing near-daily patches to Steam and trying to get those fixes to console as fast as we can to resolve the most serious bugs.”

As a result, mistakes have begun to creep in, after all an exhausted developer can’t work properly. From now on, patching will slow down for a while as the team regains its vim and works on making sure everything will be properly tested before hitting the main game.

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If you’d like to read the full statement from Aggro Crab you can head over to the Another Crab’s Treasure page for more details.

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