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EA think you’ll be playing Anthem for ten years

Anthem falling Javelin

Unveiled at E3 2017, BioWare’s next game, Anthem, looks like a world to get lost in. Set in a vast, hostile landscape, you’ll be stomping around it in mech suits, flying like Iron Man, and laying down rocket barrages on the monsters that roam the wilds, all while unlocking sweeter and sweeter gear. It’s third-person Destiny, essentially.  

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It’s going to be one of those games that taps into your lizard brain and keeps you pumping away for loot. Its success will hinge on whether it has longevity or not, and publishers EA are betting on it having that staying power.

In a Microsoft livestream – embedded above – EA’s Patrick Söderlund spoke to Major Nelson about just that. In the chat, he states that EA see Anthem’s launch as the start of a ten-year journey, so expect plenty of post-launch support.

The game has already been in development for four years, so those developers at BioWare better strap in – it’s going to be a long-ass trip. It does make you wonder if a new console generation appearing before then might mess with those plans, though. Also, who plays a game for a decade?

Anyway, Anthem is out in 2018.