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Upcoming PC games 2024 and beyond

All the upcoming PC games to get excited about, from the long-awaited GTA 6, Hellblade 2, Homeworld 3, and even a few that aren't sequels.

Upcoming games on PC: a woman stands next to a window in her jailcell, bathed in orange sunlight.

Which games are coming out in 2024? If you’re anything like us, your time is already stretched trying to play all the great games out right now, and the year isn’t slowing down any time soon. Hope and anticipation, agony and elation – the endless cycle of emotions we go through during the annual PC release schedule.

Year in, and year out, games are produced in such varying degrees of quality that not a single one of them is destined for certain success. Some of the best PC games of all time are released alongside utter disasters, series are born while others dwindle, and occasionally a game actually lives up to our expectations. Below you’ll find all the upcoming PC games you should keep on your radar, and it’s wildly varied. There are racing games, story games, city builders, and more, plus all of their expected release dates.

Here are all the best upcoming PC games in 2024 and beyond:

June 2024 game releases

  • Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – June 21
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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

You know you’re about to go on an adventure when the prerequisite for starting the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC involves defeating two late-game bosses. Touted as From Software’s biggest expansion to date, Shadow of the Erdtree takes players on a journey to unravel more mysteries about the Lands Between. Guided by Empyrean Miquella, the Tarnished heads to the unexplored area of the Land of Shadows to learn more about Miquella’s dangerous followers with ulterior motives.

July 2024 game releases

  • Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail (DLC) – July 2
  • Zenless Zone Zero – July 4
  • Cataclismo – July 16
  • Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus – July 18
  • F1 Manager 2024 – July 23
  • Frostpunk 2 – July 25
  • Smite 2 (closed beta) – July 30
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FF14 Dawntrail

Dawntrail is the highly anticipated expansion of Final Fantasy 14, set to take us across the ocean to Tural – an all-new continent full of new characters to meet and territories to explore. Between the harsh wilds of the mountain ranges and expansive forests lies the golden city of Tuliyollal, the royal seat of Gulool Ja Ja. We can expect to make our acquaintance with the Mamool leader as he ponders over his successor, and factions are drawn and divided into loyal allies and fierce rivals.

Story aside, two new playable FF14 classes are inbound: the dual-wielding Viper and the painterly Pictomancer. Dawntrail also expands the existing roster of FF14 races with the long-awaited female Hrothgar, along with additional Tribal Alliance quests and, of course, an increased level cap. The dawn of this latest FF14 expansion is just beginning to break, so check out our FF14 leveling guide and catch up with the conclusion to Endwalker in the FF14 patch 6.55 release date.

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Zenless Zone Zero

Hoyoverse, the developer behind some of the biggest and best gacha games out there, Zenless Zone Zero is the latest from the mobile game makers. Combining elements from its hit games over the years like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, ZZZ’s unique fantasy and urban setting is the perfect battleground for defending the world against the deadly “hollows”. We don’t have long to wait before all players are getting to grips with the satisfying combat, unique dungeon-crawling similarities, and cute ZZZ Bangboos.

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Frostpunk 2

Following on from the BAFTA-nominated Frostpunk of 2018, one of the best survival games out there, we’re heading back into the storm for another attempt at surviving the apocalypse. Frostpunk 2 takes place in the same last city standing, in which we found ourselves in the original game, but this time, things are changing. The age of steam has come and gone, and the future lies in oil – naturally, this leads to newer, more terrifying threats than before. We played a few hours of the Frostpunk 2 beta and loved it; you can read all about it in our Frostpunk 2 preview – there are roving gangs of knife-wielding children, protests, and more than a few broken promises. We loved it.

August 2024 game releases

  • World of Goo 2 – August 2
  • Steamworld Heist 2 – August 8
  • Black Myth Wukong – August 20
  • Core Keeper (1.0 launch) – August 27
  • Gori: Cuddly Carnage – August 29
  • Star Wars Outlaws – August 30
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Black Myth Wukong

Based on the classic 16th-century novel Journey to the West, Black Myth Wukong is rooted in Chinese history and mythology. This RPG game will see you take on the role of the Destined One to explore expansive environments, solve puzzles, enter into combat, and encounter all manner of enemies huge and small. The game also introduces spells and magic, where you’re expected to know when to use these to your advantage and when to preserve them. Your weapon of choice is a staff, which we’re sure comes with all manner of techniques and attack styles – but which will you choose to master?

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WoW The War Within

First revealed during Blizzcon 2023, World of Warcraft: The War Within takes us into the subterranean world that lies below the land of Azeroth itself, where Xal’atath, The Harbinger of the Void, lies in wait. It’s also the long-forgotten seat of the Nerubian Empire – if you’ve got arachnophobia, be sure to turn back now. However, we won’t be consigned to the depths forever. We can also expect to explore the Isle of Dorn, the Earthern capital located just off the western shore of Pandaria. The Earthen also serves as The War Within’s new playable Allied race, available after completing their dedicated questline.

Naturally, a variety of new dungeons and raids are due to arrive with the expansion, though Blizzard is also expanding the MMORPG’s endgame with the introduction of Delves. This latest system consists of 13 self-contained adventures to retrieve rare treasure from underground vaults as part of the Dragonscale Expedition and can be completed either solo or as part of a group. New WoW talents, quests, and epic loot await, and that’s just scratching the surface – we haven’t even mentioned what’s going on with Anduin and Thrall.

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Star Wars Outlaws

Become a space outlaw in this open-world Ubisoft Star Wars game, which follows lead character Kay Vess on a mission to free herself from her fugitive status. Accompanied by the very classy android ND-5 and the adorable Nix, you’ll never be short of company in Star Wars Outlaws.

September 2024 game releases

  • Prison Architect 2 – September 3
  • Stalker 2 – September 5
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 – September 9
  • Funko Fusion – September 13
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Stalker 2

Nearly two decades since the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, the horror sequel is finally on its way. Judging by all the gameplay from Summer Game Fest and the official site’s proud discussion of its use of mo-cap and photogrammetry tech, it looks like Stalker 2 should be worth the wait. Take a look at our Stalker 2 release date guide for more details.

October 2024 game releases

  • Silent Hill 2 – October 8
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 6 – October 25
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Silent Hill 2

We all know it: Silent Hill 2 is one of the best horror games of all time, and, as such, there has been some concern about rebooting the game in 2024, especially given that Bloober Team is behind the new release. That said, we enjoyed Layers of Fear and recently saw the Silent Hill 2 remake in all its foggy glory. From the desolate streets to the dilapidated remains of Brookhaven Hospital, it’s certainly shaping up to be a treat just in time for Halloween.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 6

Another year, another Call of Duty game. The annual shooter cycle continues once again, and this time it’s a Black Ops game set to launch this year. The Black Ops series is known for its epic campaigns, this time we get to experience the turbulent time during the Gulf War in the ’90s. We’ve also had a glimpse of the multiplayer mode, which is adding a brand-new movement system to the game, giving players more freedom on the battlefield. Finally, Zombies is going back to its round-based roots this year, something that has been highly requested from fans.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 release date: Friday, October 25, 2024

November 2024 game releases

  • Assassin’s Creed Shadows – November 15
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Assassin’s Creed Shadows

Hold on to your katanas – Assassin’s Creed Shadows is going to feudal Japan. It’s taken Ubisoft over a decade and a half to give in to fan demands to see this historical period incorporated into the franchise, and it already looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

It’s 1579, and legendary Black samurai Yasuke is on a collision course to meet Naoe, shinobi and fictional daughter of ninja jōnin Fujibayashi Nagato. These dual protagonists must navigate the turmoil of Oda Nobunaga’s unification of Japan and a conspiratorial plot of politics, power, and, of course, assassination. AC Shadows delivers the shinobi and samurai power fantasies, letting us assume the role of a deadly armored warrior while staying true to the strategic and agile parkour the stealth game series is known for. With its near 1:1 scale open world, a new grappling hook, and a ninja hideout, AC Shadows might well rise to become the best in the series.

Other 2024 game releases

  • Blue Protocol – Summer 2024
  • Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 – Fall 2024
  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Fall 2024
  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard – Fall 2024
  • The Casting of Frank Stone – 2024
  • The Wolf Among Us 2 – 2024
  • Avowed – 2024
  • Earthless – 2024
  • The Alters – 2024
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Blue Protocol

Hot on the heels of games like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, and Honkai Star Rail, this collaboration between Amazon Games and Bandai Namco is already out in Japan. However, the global release was put back as decisions needed to be finalized regarding the localization.

When it does arrive, it’ll bring with it an adventure where you must gather allies to take down fierce foes and save the world of Regnas as one of five different Blue Protocol classes. You’ll have the freedom to tackle the story on your own and join up with others to participate in raids and explore dungeons. We’ve eagerly anticipated the global release of this gorgeous-looking PC MMORPG for quite some time now, and the wait is nearly over.

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

It’s been nearly 19 long years, but we finally have a sequel to the cult classic bloodsucking RPG. The sequel takes us to Seattle, but the land of coffee and grunge has been given a coagulated coat of crimson as you unravel another rich mystery. Several years after it was first announced, we got a look at an extended gameplay trailer showing the game in action, and it was worth the wait.

While the original is remembered fondly for its engrossing narrative, it remained rife with bugs and disappointing combat. Luckily, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2’s gameplay plunders immersive sims such as Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex to make its vampiric fisticuffs just as engaging as its story. Following a switch of developers, the release date has been pushed back, but we’re more than ready to sink our teeth in when it finally arrives.

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

We finally got our first look at Machine Games’ latest title in January 2024. This time, the devs swap their Nazi-blasting guns for Indy’s iconic whip as he prepares to solve yet another mystery.  Taking place between the first and third movie, Indy finds himself post-breakup as he tries to bury himself under his work. Prepare to take on a new set of villains as Indy tries to put a stop to the dangerous group looking to utilize the Great Circle to accomplish their nefarious goals.

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Dragon Age: The Veilguard

Dragon Age: The Veilguard, formerly known as Dragon Age 4, has been in some form of development since 2015, but that experience has been far from smooth. After several missteps from EA and Bioware over the past decade, it’s fair to say the original plan for Dragon Age 4 was nothing like what we’ve ended up with Dragon Age: The Veilguard. Fans will be pleased to know Veilguard is a single-player RPG where you work alongside various companions to take down a group of evil gods.

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The Casting of Frank Stone

Set in the world of Dead by Daylight, The Casting of Frank Stone is a multiplayer cinematic adventure game from Supermassive Games, the team behind The Quarry and Until Dawn. Along the same lines as those games, The Casting of Frank Stone is affected by the crucial decisions players make as they explore dark mysteries of their home town.

In a bid to make a student film based on a notorious local killer, four teens roam into places they’ll wish they’d stayed away from as they’re dragged into more than they bargained for.

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The Wolf Among Us 2

One of the more surprising updates from The Games Awards 2019 was the return of The Wolf Among Us 2. You can expect the same choice and consequence-style narrative experience of previous Telltale games. While the original trailer confidently boasted a 2023 release date, don’t expect The Wolf Among Us 2 anytime soon, as developer LCG Entertainment has hit the reset button.

  • The Wolf Among Us 2 release date: 2024
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We got our first proper glimpse of Avowed during the Xbox Games Showcase, and while everyone’s attention may have been on a Bethesda-developed space game, Obsidian’s fantasy RPG adventure has all the hallmarks of a fun romp across the Pillars of Eternity world. Will you use your magic powers and competent swordsmanship for good, or will you terrorize the land with evil intent? It may be a while until Elder Scrolls 6, so this is the next best thing, even if it’s not an open-world game.

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A sci-fi, roguelike deckbuilder? Yes, please. Earthless is a unique deckbuilder in which your cards will help (or hinder) your journey through space on a mission to save mankind. The space game will be released into early access sometime in 2024, so if you want to be part of the Earthless development, you can wishlist now.

  • Earthless release date: 2024
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The Alters

How well can you manage different versions of yourself? That’s the unique premise behind the space survival game The Alters. You’ll need to scavenge resources from the planet you’re stranded on to make clones of yourself but with minor tweaks based on the main character’s history. Finishing your degree may mean that your Alter is more adapted to brainier tasks, while not leaving your hometown makes you more streetwise and tougher. You’ll need a whole crew to flee certain doom, but there’s no guarantee that everyone will get along. It’s your job to find the right balance and survive.

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Life by You

Even with the next The Sims game, Project Rene, under production, we couldn’t be more excited about the release of Sims-like Life by You. Incredibly similar to The Sims but seemingly more detailed with more customization options, Life by You could be a real rival for whatever Project Rene becomes. It’s also developed by Paradox Tectonic, whose parent publisher, Paradox Interactive, also published Cities Skylines, so the simulation game is in good company already.

Life by You was scheduled for a June 4, 2024, release date, following a delay from March 2024. However, that has now also been pushed back, and Paradox Interactive has refrained from committing to a new date. We hope, though, that this will still be some time in 2024.

Game releases in 2025 and beyond

  • Hades 2 – Q1 2025
  • Grand Theft Auto 6 – 2025
  • Skate 4 – TBC
  • Soulframe – TBC
  • Civilization 7 – TBC
  • Path of Exile 2 – TBC
  • 2XKO – TBC
  • Marvel’s Blade – TBC
  • Silent Hill 2 – TBC
  • XDefiant – TBC
  • The Outer Worlds 2 – TBC
  • The Sims 5/Project Rene – TBC
  • The Elder Scrolls 6 – TBC
  • The Witcher 4 – TBC
  • Haunted Chocolatier – TBC
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Hades 2

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t enjoy the first Hades; a pin-sharp action roguelike that saw you trying to escape the underworld. It had responsive, satisfying combat, fleshed-out characters, and some of the most gratifying boss fights we’ve ever seen. Well, Hades 2 looks to double down on what made the first so great, only this time you play as Melinoë, a daughter of Hades, and you are gunning for the god of time itself: Chronos. Players can get their hands on the Hades 2 early access right now, otherwise, you may have to wait until 2025 at the earliest. Take a look at our Hades 2 review if you are keen to know more.

A sepia toned landscape showing a 1980s Vice City beach from GTA Vice City, where GTA 6 is supposedly set.

Grand Theft Auto 6

The long and short of it is, while we’ve seen leaks of this hotly anticipated action game, we know next to nothing else about it for sure. We know it’s coming sometime between 2024 and 2025 and is likely to have a Vice City setting as well as two playable protagonists with a Bonnie and Clyde relationship, but that’s it. We’ll bring you more when the game is officially announced.

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Skate 4

Skate 4, actually just named skate. to represent a series reboot as opposed to a direct sequel, is the long, long-awaited revival of the Skate series of games, over a decade on from Skate 3. The latest skateboarding game has been a while in the making, but developer Full Circle, part of EA, hasn’t been quiet about the development process, keeping us in the loop as far back as early alpha footage. While there is no release date for skate. just yet, we hope to see some open playtesting later in 2024.

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The Soulframe release date hasn’t been announced yet, as we know Digital Extremes were focused on getting the next Warframe expansion, Dante Unbound, out of the way first. With that release date locked in for March 2024, hopefully the team are now full steam ahead with Soulframe development. That said, there has already been some serious progress on the new game, set in a new fantasy world and inspired by real-world environmental issues, as well as Princess Mononoke and The Neverending Story.

Civilization 7

After getting confirmation that Civ 7 is in development, the much-beloved strategy game series has us wondering just how it’ll evolve this time around. We even have a Civ 7 wishlist of all the new stuff and changes to existing mechanics that we want to see. Fortunately, we were given our first glimpse of the game at Summer Game Fest 2024. While we didn’t get to see any gameplay, Civilization 7 was given a release date of 2025, so we won’t have to wait an eternity to learn more.

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Path of Exile 2

What started out as a story expansion to the acclaimed ARPG from Grinding Gear Games has now become a standalone sequel. Path of Exile 2 will deliver a six-act campaign set years after the events of the previous game, as corruption once again begins to take hold of the ravaged world of Wreaclast. Your journey to stem the tide will take you through over 100 different environments, and pit you against hundreds of monsters and bosses along the way. Path of Exile 2 will also introduce brand new mechanics, including dodge rolls and weapon swapping, which are sure to shake up your approach to build customization. This free PC game is slated to join its predecessor as one of the best games like Diablo, and we can’t wait.

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2XKO is a 2D fighting gaset in the League of Legends universe, as the likes of Jinx, Ekko, and Darius go head to head in a champion brawl format. Naturally, the 2XKO characters are the star of the show, and their movesets and signature abilities should be very familiar to LoL fans. However, it’s not just a one-on-one fight to the death. Project L matches are shaped by its team-based 2v2 tag system, which allows your chosen dynamic duos to take point and assist one another, pulling off last-minute combo-breakers to disrupt your opponent. Riot has also confirmed that 2XKO is free to play, and we expect its monetization to follow in the footsteps of League of Legends before it.

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Marvel’s Blade

If you missed the glory days of Blade, back when Wesley Snipes portrayed the legendary Daywalker, you’re in luck as Arkane Lyon is bringing the series back. In this single-player game, players assume the role of Eric Brooks, the half-man, half-vampire who has no problem confronting problems head-on with his sword equipped. Blade is a  third-person game, marking a big change from Arkane Lyon’s last games, Dishonored and Deathloop.

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The Outer Worlds 2

Obsidian’s hit retro-futuristic roleplaying game is getting a sequel. The teaser trailer doesn’t tell us much, simply showing off exotic alien landscapes and futuristic combat, but its wry, self-aware voiceover tells us “the developers haven’t finished the [main character’s] design, or finished the story, or finished any gameplay that’s actually ready to show”. At least it’s honest.

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The Sims 5/Project Rene

EA still hasn’t gone into great detail about how The Sims 5 will look, but in the Sims Summit video above, we did get a small glimpse of the early ideas following the Project Rene reveal. This “new era of The Sims” features more detail, more customizability, and a greater focus on community than ever before, and while there’s no set release date yet, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Sims.

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The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda finished its E3 2018 conference in the best way possible by announcing the upcoming PC game we all wanted: The Elder Scrolls VI. With only a teaser trailer of some rocky hills, ruined castles, and coastlines to go on, we’re still waiting on a setting and a launch window.

With Starfield now in orbit, we can assume (from Todd Howard’s previous comments) that attention turns to Elder Scrolls 6 as the next Bethesda game to see the light of day. Just when that will be, though, is still a mystery.

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The School of the Lynx medallion half-buried in snow with glowing red eyes, the first official teaser image of The WItcher 4, one of the most anticipated upcoming PC games.

The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 is slated to be the first installment of a brand-new saga, so there’s a high chance it won’t actually be called The Witcher 4. However, CD Projekt Red’s official reveal includes a School of the Lynx medallion half-buried in snowIt’s possible that this brief tease is a nod to The Witcher 4’s protagonist, though the particulars are still unclear. While The Witcher 4 is likely years away, we can’t wait to experience the follow-up to one of the best PC games of all time.

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Haunted Chocolatier

The next game from Stardew Valley developer Eric ‘Concerned Ape’ Barone has been announced, and it’s set in an enchanting fantasy town with plenty of spooky goings-on. It shares Stardew Valley’s charming pixel-art style, though the gameplay focuses on combat rather than farming. As the eponymous chocolatier, you’ll be tasked with fending off slimes to harvest ingredients for intricate chocolate creations, which you can sell and display in your own chocolate shop. There’ll also be plenty of characters to meet along the way, though relationships may play out slightly differently than in Stardew. Unfortunately, there’s been no further word on when we can expect to get our sticky hands on Barone’s upcoming game, but one thing’s for sure: the day we open our chocolate shop can’t come soon enough.

That’s a lot of games to get excited for – luckily, our anticipation levels are boundless already. I mean, there are life games, RPG games, pirate games, and so much more on this list. Of course, it’s tough to keep up with games as they come out, let alone remember the games we should save for. If you’re not looking to break the bank, we list the best free PC games you could be playing while you wait.