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Anthem’s release date has been confirmed


Anthem’s release date has been confirmed, just minutes ahead of EA’s press conference at E3 2018. The new release date, February 22, 2019, was tweeted by the Anthem Twitter account earlier today. A leaked release date appeared on Amazon Italy earlier but it was not the correct date. We’ve got a screengrab below if you want to see it.

The leak also suggests that the game will be priced at €70.99, or roughly $83. That’s obviously quite a lot of money, even for a triple-A game from EA. It could be that this is a special edition of the game, although a translation of the page suggests that’s not the case. It could be that this is EA padding the money it feels it’ll lose if it doesn’t add microtransactions to the game, but that’s just speculation at this point.

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On top of all that, the product page also comes with a product description. Three bullet points read “In a world left unfinished by the gods, an obscure faction threatens the rest of humanity,” “Play with three other companions and assemble armor technology forged for battle and with unique powers,” and “Explore immense ruins, fight deadly enemies and make your own supernatural artifacts.”

The tweet, which you can see blow, states that “Anthem comes out on Februay 22, 2019 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.”

Anthem release date

In a trailer shown at E3, we finally got a new close-up look at Anthem. Anthem appears to be a place used to protect the freelancers from an oncoming storm, and the trailer offered a new look at some of the game’s central characters, as well as the monsters you’ll be going after.

Anthem’s world, which is named Tarsus, was left unfinished by the gods. Helpfully, however, those same gods left their tools behind. Now, humanity struggle to survive, protected by a faction known as the Freelancers, who try to tip the balance in Anthem’s favour.

We initially thought that Anthem would come out in March 2019 – significantly later than EA’s original target of autumn 2018. The publisher says that’s to avoid crowding Battlefield V, but sources suggest Anthem’s development has been a struggle. If that’s true, let’s hope those issues have been worked out: we’re looking forward to seeing BioWare bringging its strength in storytelling to a genre that sorely needs it.