New MMORPGs 2022: new and upcoming MMOs worth playing

What new MMOs should you play? PCGamesN rounds up the MMORPGs and worlds every player should try next

Once rare like a legendary loot drop, new MMOs are now more common than ever. And as part of a genre built upon freedom and vast numbers of players coming together, they are among the most ambitious games around. Each one promises a sprawling world, a vibrant community, and enough content to make you blush and go all dizzy.

New MMORPGs are full of potential, but they’re also precariously close to failure – history is littered with MMOs that have had their moment in the spotlight or never garnered the attention they deserved. 

In the interest of saving you hours spent in character creation for a game you might not even like, we have compiled a handy list of all the new MMOs that are worth your time. But we have also gone one step further: as the worlds of MMORPGs are ever-changing, we have included games with recent updates, new content drops, and the like, plus new massively multiplayer online games with RPG elements. So, from newly updated sword-and-sorcery classics to emerging action-RPGs, these are the new MMOs you should be paying attention to.

New MMO Games

The best new MMOs are:

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At this point, there are more WW2 shooter MMOs than there are stars in the sky. Okay, that’s not strictly true, but what is it that sets Enlisted apart from the rest? Well, for many, it’s the squad-based gameplay. You battle against 25 other players, controlling a a team of up to nine soldiers and if you die as one character, you switch back into one of the others.

You can customise your squad to suit your game style, meaning if you’re a sharp shooter, you can lead with your snipers, or bludgeon the opposing team with an assortment of bombers, mortarmen, and assaulters. Enlisted was released as an open beta in April 2021, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they have to offer when the finished game finally releases.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The base Final Fantasy XIV game may not be a new MMO anymore, but the Endwalker expansion (which released in December 2021) certainly is. This new expansion takes you on a (literally) out of this world journey, that allows you to visit new, unexpected locations in and around the game’s world of Hydaelyn, while also adding cool new character classes (such as the Reaper class) which change the way you approach battles.

For those who have been playing since the beginning and are intimately familiar with the world and lore of Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker will be a really satisfying and emotional conclusion to a story that’s been told across almost ten years. But, hey, even if you’ve never played before, there’s nothing to stop you hopping in and starting now. You can even play for free up to Level 60, which will take you a huge number of hours.

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While it’s not exactly a new MMO, Neverwinter is about to receive a massive new story and content update that ensures this D&D MMORPG feels fresh. The Dragonbone Vale update adds a new Adventure Zone, an all-new Trial, and a fresh new storyline involving a mysterious cult and undead dragons. With all of this to explore, there’s no better time to start diving into D&D lore.

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A part look up to the sky in new MMO game Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Gamers in South Korea have been enjoying Lost Ark for the last three years, but it’s finally out now in the West. Primarily a PvE action game, its combination of ARPG and MMO mechanics has you battle massive hordes of monsters from an isometric perspective in a classic angels vs demons storyline. It’s storytelling and level progression has been compared to Final Fantasy XIV, while the general gameplay has more than a passing resemblance to Diablo.

It won six awards at the 2019 Korean Game Awards, and has already established itself as one of the most popular new MMOs on the scene. You can read our Lost Ark review to find out what we thought about it. We also have guides on the Lost Ark servers, how to get gold, how to level up quickly, and even what you need to know about Lost Ark mokoko seeds.

While Lost Ark is free-to-play, if you do fancy spending some money there are some starter packs you can check out:


Collecting and owning vinyl figurines is pretty fun, but bringing them to life and training them up to defeat other players in all manner of user-created games is even better. Blankos Block Party is all about creating worlds and games with your friends – using their powerful creative tools, you can customise rules and terrain to create any kind of game you can think of.

The Blankos themselves are highly collectable and look incredibly cool – and thanks to the player-owned economy, they’re valuable, too. Keen collectors can even keep them in their virtual plastic boxes, just like real vinyl figurines.

new mmorpgs blade & souls


Blade & Soul is a new MMORPG for fans of high-wire martial arts and movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Every MMO can boast something distinct about its combat and Blade & Soul gets the bragging rights for its visually arresting battle scenes, replete with complex animations and devastating combo attacks.

This new MMO proved so popular in Asia that a 10,000 signature petition was signed to convince its publisher to release it in North America and Europe. Explore a fantasy world inspired Chinese mythology, choose one of the 11 distinct classes, and discover a tale of revenge so devilish it would make Hamlet blush. Be sure to check out our Blade & Soul guide for some tips and tricks for conquering this MMO.



Skyforge’s latest update, Heart of Steel, give veteran players of this sci-fi fantasy MMO an all-new five-player dungeon and brand new PvP arena, as well as a new five-player adventure through a series of crystalline caverns.

Of course, if you’re new to Skyforge then fortunately this MMO boasts one of the most liberating progression loops in the genre, allowing you to swap between its many classes at will – so if you fancy ranged instead of tanking then you don’t need to start all over again.



Eve Online is a constantly evolving creature, thanks to its dedicated player base who have organised themselves into corporations – which have then formed alliances, all competing with each other. Tales of large-scale clashes in Eve Online have ascended into legend, but there are still more epic stories to come – the developers are keen to sow chaos with updates such as the wonderfully petulant sounding ‘Kicking over Castles’, which when implemented will encourage players to destroy anything that isn’t well enough defended.

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Entering Eve Online as a free player only holds you back from the highest echelons of upgrades and abilities, so you’ll still be able to work your way up the ranks of whichever space trade you fancy the look of most. Fortunately, CCP Games have also reworked the game’s introduction to ensure that getting to know this famously complex space game is much easier.

Regular updates keep this MMO feeling new, and the latest Quadrant, New Dawn, promises four new exploration sites to broaden the universe.

New MMOs - PoE 2

Path of Exile 2

While Path of Exile 2 is a quasi-sequel in the same vein as Overwatch 2, the upcoming re-launch of Grinding Gear Games’ morbid and moody ARPG provides the ideal opportunity to jump in if you’re new to the MMO.

PoE 2 adds a second main campaign that leads players to the same endgame as the first game’s campaign, overhauling progression, skills, and much more in an effort to make the onboarding process better for beginners and solve some long-standing fan gripes, too. While there’s no solid news of a Path of Exile 2 release date, a beta is expected by 2023.

New MMOs New World

New World

New World is a fantasy MMO by Amazon Studios. Set on a magic-infused island that straddles several historical periods, New World is part pure sandbox, part survival game, and part classic MMORPG.

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You can pursue a number of different combat and non-combat character classes, set up camp anywhere on the island, and buddy together with others to form strong alliances. Eventually, your company will be able to engage in siege battles with other groups of players, so there’s plenty to aim for when you first arrive on the island.

A ship in the desert with tattered sails, in one of the best new MMOs, Last Oasis

Last Oasis

Last Oasis is a new MMO with perhaps the most visually striking world design in any MMO that we can recall. Billed as a nomadic survival MMO, Last Oasis is set in a dying world where you’re forced to keep moving in order to survive and thrive. The best way to do that is to construct wild mobile bases called Walkers, which are wooden, wind-powered walking bases inspired by Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests.

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Last Oasis is also promising plenty in the way of crafting, combat, resource-gathering, and is a sprawling and diverse open-world game with a player-driven economy. It’s certainly ambitious, but definitely a new MMO worth seeking out.

A lady with nice stockings surveys a windmill on the side of a mountain in Revelation Online, one of the best new MMOs

Revelation Online

Revelation Online is one of many new MMORPGs making the journey from East to West, but it stands out amongst many of its competitors because of its stylish, free-flowing combat, ludicrously deep character creation and progression systems, and gorgeous open world. It also has plenty of content for players of every MMO denomination, whether you’re after a solid PvE grind packed with questlines and NPCs or just want to hunt down and kill your fellow virtual man in PvP duels and battles.

It’s also got one particularly neat trick up its sleeve: you can reset your character at any point. For free. If you’ve ever ploughed 60 hours into an MMORPG and realised you’d rather be a ranged build than melee then you’ll know how valuable such a feature is.

If you’re also a fan of the MOBA genre then good news: the Revelation Online Mythical Combat update adds a separate game mode inspired by MOBA titans like League of Legends and Dota 2.

Flame leaps forth from a dragon's maw in Riders of Icarus, one of the best new MMOs

Riders of Icarus

Every new MMORPG nowadays has to have a unique selling point, and for Riders of Icarus that feature is mounts. Sure, plenty of MMOs have mounts, but as you might have guessed from the title, mounts are pretty central to character progression and questing in Riders of Icarus, which is just as well, because there are hundreds of potential pets to ride and battle with in this otherwise traditional MMO.

Wherever you travel to in Riders of Icarus, you are bound to encounter plenty of new and powerful creatures to capture and use for yourself, from adorable kangaroo-like woodland critters to ancient, fire-breathing dragons. Of course you will have to tame them before you can utilise their strengths, and Riders of Icarus makes this a game mechanic as important as dialogue or combat – check out our Riders of Icarus guide for help on this. It being an MMO and all, you will also get to show off your mount to friends. Sort of like Pokémon, except in a fantasy setting and with much, much more killing and bloodshed.

Like so many new MMOs, Riders of Icarus is also constantly being updated with major new features and fresh content, like the Rift of the Damned expansion, which brings floating islands and a suite of new dragon mounts to the game.

A character blasts through a mass of oncoming skeletons with a fireball in one of the best new MMOs, Mu Legends

Mu Legend

Not many game franchises have been as successful as instilling a sense of immortal power in their players as Blizzard’s Diablo series has. Enter Mu Legend, a top-down, action-RPG that manages to make mowing down a horde of demons with a greatsword feel as great as it sounds. This new MMORPG boasts a diverse character creator, a range of levelled and endless dungeons, and PvP for you to sink their teeth into.

As the focus is predominantly on fast-paced and brutal combat, there is a lot less helping farmers bring in their crop and hunting down badgers in Mu Legend than in other MMOs. Mu Legend is also the follow-up to the immensely popular Mu Online, so expect more highly addictive loot drops and a level cap you could never, ever reach.

Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is ambitious in its scope. Developers Intrepid Studios strive to create an MMO where groups of players can band together and build communities that will ultimately become cities. It’s a simple enough premise, which becomes even more interesting when you consider that different groups of players will be building their own settlements, and space and resources are limited.

With different players playing as different races, the architecture in towns and cities will create incredibly varied (and potentially unique) settlements . If it delivers on its premise, Ashes of Creation will offer an MMO experience where the world is very much shaped by the players and their actions. The game is currently in its alpha stage and though we don’t know the exact timeline of release, here’s hoping that we’ll get to see at least an open beta before the year is out.

League of Legends MMO

There’s very little to say about this at present, but we do know that Riot Games are working on a new League of Legends MMORPG. If you’re somebody who’s fallen in love with the world and characters of LOL through the current FTP battle arena game, or the recent Arcane Netflix series, you may be delighted to hear that they’re developing a new way for you to explore and appreciate this setting.

Though we’ve seen nothing of the game so far, hopefully we’ll start to get more of an idea of what it will look like in 2022.

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And that’s it for our all-encompassing look at the freshest massively multiplayer experiences you can get on PC. If you’re looking for quality over recency, our list of the best MMOs will serve you well, or if you’re ok with less than a world’s worth of players then why not check out our picks of the best multiplayer games? As you can see, playing together with friends and strangers is a pretty big deal these days. Don’t resist; leave your single-player games alone for a while and become one with the massively multiplayer machine.