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Anthem’s fps won’t be locked on PC


Anthem’s frame rate will not be locked at 30 fps on PC. An interview with the game’s executive producer, Mark Darrah, confirmed that while the game will be 30 fps on console, the PC release will not be limited to that.

If I’m honest, there’s some slightly confusing wording from Darrah, who obfuscates and dances around the questions where he can. When asked simply “30 fps?,” he replies flatly “30 fps.” The next question asks whether the game will be available in 4K, to which he offers a slightly clearer answer (“we’ll see”). He’s most clear, however, when asked “PC release locked at 30?” to which he simply says “No.”

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Some have taken that to mean that the frame rate will be locked to 30 fps on console and entirely unlocked on PC, but it’s fair to say that might be a misunderstanding of what Darrah actually said, which was very little.

You can watch the quickfire interview with Darrah below, in which he discusses, among other things, that there are no loot boxes in Anthem, that there are cosmetic customisation options, and offers some information about the world of Taurus.

EA revealed the Anthem release date during its E3 conference, which confirmed that you will be able to play BioWare’s new game in February next year.