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Anthem’s Game Awards trailer doubles down on story and reveals the villain

BioWare’s Anthem is much different from the studio’s previous titles, but the developer keeps assuring fans that there will still be the story and character development you’d expect from its narrative RPG heritage. Tonight’s new trailer at The Game Awards eschewed all the fancy gameplay footage and connected world details this time around to double down on that storytelling.

The new trailer shows us the big villain of the story, with all the pomp you’d expect from a BioWare baddie our villain wants to end “all this needless suffering” with the power of the Anthem. There’s plenty more, but you can watch it yourself below.

The Game Awards is an annual show hosted by Geoff Keighley that celebrates the best and brightest in the gaming year, and provides plenty of fresh announcements, trailers, and worldwide debuts for upcoming PC games. You can catch the show in progress on YouTube and Twitch, or whatever your media streaming platform of choice happens to be. Of course, you can also stick with us for more details on all the announcements as they happen.

Here’s that trailer.

This story is still developing. Keep checking back for more details as they come in during our coverage of The Game Awards.

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