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BioWare reveal their new game, Anthem


BioWare have revealed Anthem - previously known as Project Dylan. It's meant to be their answer to the MMO-lite, hobby-game genre that Destiny, The Division, and others have all spent time fighting over but what we've seen of it gives no hints. See that below.

Here's what else is going on with the PC at E3 2017 - it's a lot.

We still don't know much about it, other than that it'll feature a city under siege, penned in by a wall. Outside the wall are monsters. You'll be playing as a mech-suit-clad hero who heads out into the wastes to murder those monsters - videogames? Videogames.

Here's the teaser:

We'll see gameplay tomorrow, during the Microsoft conference. Some confusion arose from that announcement, thinking it meant the game was to be a Microsoft exclusive. That is not the case, as confirmed on Twitter by BioWare producer Fernando Melo.

Speaking of which, long time Mass Effect teaser and general manager Aaryn Flynn said there was a lot more to come:

For those not keeping track, that's at 10pm BST / 11pm CEST / 2pm PDT tomorrow. Check the full E3 2017 schedule at that link.

If you're desperate for more, the official site is now up with a piece of art and a newsletter to sign up for. It looks pretty nice:

Anthem screenshot

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Rock1m1 avatarDroniac avatarWhiteCrow avatar
Rock1m1 Avatar
10 Months ago

The aesthetic, the logo and the robot shell reminded me so much of Titanfall 2.

Droniac Avatar
10 Months ago

Yeah, watching that suit open up, I thought they were announcing a new Titanfall game already. To be fair, the concept of this seems much more interesting than Destiny/Division already, even before any details whatsoever... 'cuz mechs.

WhiteCrow Avatar
10 Months ago

So a Destiny/Warframe with a Pacific Rim plot/aesthetic? That's not derivative at all.