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Wipeout-inspired racer Antigraviator is out this week


Antigraviator, the insanely fast-paced racing game inspired by 1995 classic Wipeout, releases this week. Before then, we’ve got six minutes of gameplay for you to check out, including a couple of blisteringly fast races across two maps, as well as a look at some of the game’s customisation options.

I’m not overstating the sheer speed of this game. I was genuinely shocked at just how fast the game’s hovercars pull away from the camera at the start of the race. From what I can see in the gameplay video, it looks to be the kind of racer where your knowledge of the track reigns supreme – that, or a need for lightning-fast reflexes just to get yourself over the line.

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Between the two races (one of which takes place in a track that loops through the sky, while the other heads for a more volcanic locale) you can take a look at the game’s cosmetic options. Those are largely limited to different colour schemes in a system somewhat similar to Rocket League’s.

You can check out the video below, which might help you get an idea of just how fast this game really is.

Antigraviator will be available on Steam from June 6, and lets you use traps, powerups, and boosts (and your knowledge of the track, of course) to speed your way to first place.