Any port in a storm: Elite Dangerous moves into alpha 3.0 and shows off docking

Elite: Dangerous alpha 3.0

Elite: Dangerous has moved into phase 3.0 of its alpha, which adds docking, hyperspace jumps and ship outfitting. Normally docking wouldn’t be all that interesting, but getting a vessel into a space station in the original Elite was an absolute bugger, and Elite: Dangerous attempts to stay true to the original’s spirit by making it a very hands-on affair.

Dock your space-weary eyes on the tutorial video below.

Crikey. She’s a bit of a taskmaster, isn’t she? Don’t stop by the door, don’t take too long to land, don’t land on the wrong pad, everything is a crime. Parking a car was never this stressful.

Testers will undoubtedly need to put their docking skills to the test from here on out, and not just so they can spend their hard-earned cash on snazzy new upgrades for their ship. There will be more practical concerns to take care of. Ship damage will need to be repaired, and modules can be picked up that assist in those repairs or pay off bounties.

So you’d better listen to that rude woman.