Respawn is “disappointed” that Apex Legends fans aren’t as horny as Overwatch’s

Vince Zampella is upset that Apex Legends' fans haven't stepped up to the plate

Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella has delivered a stinging rebuke to fans of Apex Legends, saying that he “expected more porn by now.” With both games featuring a strong character-driven roster of heroes, the comparisons between Apex Legends and Overwatch have been raised ever since Respawn’s new game first launched. However according to Zampella, one major difference is that Overwatch fans are “insatiably horny.”

“Our audience has delivered in nearly every way,” Zampella said. “They’re dedicated. They’re intelligent. They’re giving us great feedback. I just wish they would hurry up and draw Lifeline and Mirage doing it, or something.
“The Overwatch community is crazy horny. Just so, incredibly horny. All I’m saying is that it would make all of us here at Respawn feel appreciated if we could see some fan art of Pathfinder railing another Pathfinder on a couch.” After a brief, uncomfortable pause, he added: “Just brainstorming here…”

It’s no secret that Overwatch has made a huge impact on the competitive FPS landscape, and Zampella admitted that Respawn Entertainment had taken many of its cues from the way Blizzard “encouraged certain, smuttier parts” of its community.

In fact, according to Zampella, the Overwatch community have even managed to make horny fan art of Bastion, something the CEO calls “a genuine accomplishment.”

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He continued: “When you look at something like that, it seems crazy that we’re still in a situation where Apex Legends can launch a character like Octane more than two weeks ago and I’m still sitting here, refreshing PornHub all day, looking for something – anything – that shows our new character getting spit-roasted by, oh I don’t know, Bloodhound and Caustic.”

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“I mean, what is even the point of having fans when you’re left hanging like this?”