Apex Legends creator skins had no benefit, says Twitch’s LuluLuvely

EA allegedly lacked compensation for this year's Apex Legends creator skins after some unclear communication, according to streamer LuluLuvely

Content creator Lindsay ‘LuluLuvely’ has talked about how EA botched its handling of the Apex Legends creator skins for its multiplayer game earlier this year, with very little in the way of compensation coming to her for the design.


The battle royale game released some creator designed skins as part of a third anniversary event where it collaborated with streamers and creators on some designs, but allegedly EA dropped some bombshells about compensation last minute.

Lulu made the comments regarding her Apex Legends creator skin in a recent Twitch stream. The streamer and content creator alleges that she wasn’t included in the naming process of the R-301 Carbine skin, which was introduced as part of the three year anniversary collection event in Apex Legends.

Lulu then adds that she “didn’t get any compensation or anything for that skin. [With] all the ‘creator skins,’ EA told us for months ‘they’re going to be creator skins, it’s your skin’ and then the day before they released them EA was like ‘yeah you’re name is not going to be attached to this skin at all, nor will you get any money from the skin [you helped design], or recognition.’”

When this was flagged by Lulu, EA allegedly told her that she was going to be mentioned in the relevant blog post, with her citing the entire situation as a reason why she stopped playing the game.

You can watch Lulu’s comments in the below video, with her stream clipped by DrUnafraid.

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We’ve reached out to both EA and Lulu regarding the events around the Apex Legends creator skins, and will update this story with responses given.

When these creator developed skins launched earlier this year, EA did release an Apex Legends anniversary event blog post listing all the creators involved, alongside a trailer featuring the creators, their weapons, and the designers that helped bring their ideas to life. It appears as though these skins don’t mention the streamers or creators in Apex Legends itself however, with each instead having a more generic name.

Multiple Apex Legends skins were made by different content creators and designers, but it’s currently unclear how communication was handled with other creators. Fellow streamer Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona also commented on the relationship between EA and streamers though, saying there’s actually no real communication between the two groups (via GG Thordan Smash).

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