Apex Legends season 16 event, new classes, and changes

Apex Legends season 16 is well underway, we have the information on the new Legends class system, as well as the new collection event.

Apex Legends season 16 release date speculation: a woman holding a full automatic weapon

Apex Legends season 16 is out in full force, with the latest update bringing in sweeping changes to classes of Legends, and a new collection event. As with any new Apex Legends season, we’re usually guaranteed a new legend, a new map – or variation on a map – and a bunch of new cosmetics.

Apex Legends season 15 Eclipse began on November 1, and with it came a new defensive legend, Catalyst, a new map, Broken Moon, and the ability to gift cosmetic items to your friends in the free PC game. It was a sizable update to the battle royale game, giving players plenty of content to sink their teeth into, but what did season 16 of Apex Legends bring?

Apex Legends season 16 classes

Respawn didn’t add a new hero to the already stacked Apex Legends character roster but instead introduced a new class system. There are five different classes, and each one has its own perk, encouraging players to experiment with different team compositions.

The new Apex Legends classes are:

  • Assault: Ash, Bangalore, Mad Maggie, and Revenant.
  • Controller: Catalyst, Caustic, Rampart, and Wattson.
  • Recon: Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer,  and Vantage.
  • Skirmisher: Horizon, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, and Wraith.
  • Support: Gibraltar, Lifeline, Loba, and Newcastle.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection event

To celebrate the FPS game’s fourth birthday, Apex Legends will be hosting an Anniversary Collection event with season 16. Log in weekly in order to collect rewards, with a total of 24 limited-time cosmetic items up for grabs. There will be additional rewards available if the community can work together, and 150 Heirloom shards available if you’re able to collect everything before the event ends.

Apex Legends season 16 theme

With February comes the most loveable holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. Apex Legends has had previous dealings with Valentine’s day, going back as far as season 4, with event-exclusive badges, weapon skins, and even banners up for grabs for those who committed some time to their true love, Apex Legends, during February.

That’s all the information you need on Apex Legends season 16. Apex Legends remains one of the best multiplayer games on PC, and if you’re looking to jump back in, we have the pick rates for each legend in season 16, to give you an idea of who to main, and who to avoid.