Apex Legends but all Legends are Reddit s***posts

The Apex Legends subreddit has gone a little mad with a new meme format

The Apex Legends subreddit has begun its descent into inevitable madness today, as the front page is now filled with memes reimagining the game’s roster as various creatures and objects. It started with ‘Apex Legends but all Legends are are bugs,’ but that soon escalated – first with rhyming alternatives like pugs and mugs, then with just about everything the internet can imagine.

The original post casts the Legends like this: Bloodhound is a mosquito, Gibraltar is a rhino beetle, Lifeline is a bee, Pathfinder is a spider, Octane is a tiger beetle, Wraith is a cockroach, Bangalore is a bombardier beetle, Caustic is a stink bug, and Mirage is an ant. It all makes sense. It’s a cute goof. It’s had over 15,000 upvotes so far.

Naturally, one popular meme begets another, so we soon got to see the Legends as pugs (Pathfinder is very good), and then more than one rendition of the Legends as mugs. It took about three go-rounds with the meme before the subreddit ate its own tail, and we got the masterpiece ‘Apex Legends but all Legends are Legends.’

Then the madness began, with titles turning the Legends into cats, and my personal favourite, one turning the Legends into Digletts. Yes, like the Pokémon. All Digletts.

There’s also ‘Apex Legends except its me playing as them,’ which turns all the Legends into trash cans. This is relatable content.

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“Soft-cheating” in Apex Legends is the other big concern on the subreddit today, as cheaters have started using slightly less effective cheats to throw off automatic detection.