Apex Legends new legend: when will we meet Valk?

Who are the new characters coming to Apex Legends? Here’s everything we know

As Apex Legends Season 9 approaches, so does the next Legend joining the Apex Games. Predicting which Legend will join the roster is always tricky to do as there are many unused character files hidden within the Apex Legends game files. Fortunately, the developers have dropped a number of hints over the past few months that could give us an idea of what to expect.

The prevailing theory thus far is that the next Legend to join Apex Legends is none other than Valk. Not much is known about this character other than the bits of information that have been data mined. Unlike a lot of the Legends, Valk is one of the few to have a complete character model at the ready. We also have an idea of what Valk’s abilities are likely to be, though these have most likely been redesigned.

The introduction of Season 9’s Legend will bump up the number of characters in the game to a whopping 17. Give our Apex Legends character guide a read if you haven’t caught up with the battle royale game in a while. Here’s everything you need to know about Valk, Apex Legends newest legend.

Apex Legends Valk

Valk has been in the Apex Legends files for over a year now, complete with her full model and character abilities. Biast12, an Apex Legends data miner, confirmed that Respawn removed Valk’s sound files from the game back in March. Though this might seem like cause for concern, the developers most likely have re-recorded her voice lines given how much has changed in Apex Legends over the years.

Apex Legends game director, Chad Grenier was interviewed by Famitsu last month where he revealed new details about the latest Legend. Grenier specifically mentioned that he hopes the character in Season 9 is very well received in Japan. “Maybe the new Legend in Season 9 could be a cute girl?” states Grenier. The three Legends rumoured to come to Apex Legends are Ash (a robot), Blisk (a man), and Valk (a girl).


What abilities does Valk have? Based on the information in the game files, Valk’s abilities seem to be a mix between Horizon and Fuse.

Tactical ability – Fire a rocket that explodes several times
Passive ability – Hover in the air using VTOL jets by holding jump for a short period of time
Ultimate ability – Launch into the air and skydive to a new location. Valk can bring her teammates with her before take off

And that’s all the information we have on the next Apex Legends character. Remember, all of this information is subject to change. We will be updating this page once Respawn officially announces the next character.

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