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Apex Legends new legend: when will we meet Newcastle?

Jackson Williams aka Newcastle is rumoured to be the next Legend joining the Apex Games - here's everything you need to know about Bangalore's long lost brother

Apex Legends new Legend: Newcastle holding a shield above his head before launching it into the ground

We finally have confirmation that Newcastle is the new Legend joining Apex Legends in Season 13. There were rumours long before the leak that pointed towards Bangalore’s brother, Jackson Williams, potentially joining the Apex Games. Jackson was a IMC Pilot before he went missing in action, though Bangalore always had faith that he was alive and well.

While there were leaks showing off Newcastle’s abilities, it was unclear whether the man behind the mask was in fact Jackson. Though the Stories from the Outlands video released in January doesn’t explain what happened to Jackson, it does give us a glimpse of his fighting abilities and how he could hold his own against the fighters in the Apex Games. The Apex Legends new Legend follows Mad Maggie, the shield-destroying soldier from Salvo who joined the roster in Season 12.

The official Season 13 launch trailer shows Newcastle fighting along Bangalore for the first time since his disappearance years ago. Bangalore spotted enough signs throughout their match to confidently identify her own brother as the newest Legend in the Apex Games. Here’s everything you need to know about Newcastle, the next Apex Legends character.

Apex Legends Newcastle

Jackson Williams’ history from the Stories from the Outlands video touches on his time as an IMC pilot. Bangalore and Jackson come from a family of soldiers, with their father training them for warfare since they were children. After taking down an arrogant pilot, the pair regroup as they believe the IMC won’t stop sending units to take down Jackson for abandoning his post years ago.

We know Jackson disappeared after The Battle of Gridiron, and Bangalore has spent a lot of time trying to track down her brother. The Apex Legends in-game comics show Bangalore teaming up with Wraith to get some answers. Wraith discovers that Jackson has been dead for five years, causing Bangalore to break down as she realises she can’t save her brother. The final pages of the comic reveal Bangalore is set to leave the Apex Games and travel back to Gridiron.

There’s a chance Jackson was forced into becoming the character known as Newcastle in an attempt to stop the IMC from hunting him down. We have a few hints hinting at Jackson’s relationship to Newcastle, such as this Reddit post which refers to Jackson as Newcastle in the Korean version of Apex Legends. With Newcastle joining the Apex Games, Bangalore should stick around to find out whether this mysterious man is in fact her long lost brother.

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The leaked footage of Newcastle revealed all three of his abilities, though keep in mind that these are all subject to change before he is officially revealed:

  • Retrieve the Wounded (Passive): Drag downed allies to safety as you revive them while protecting them with your shield
  • Mobile Shield (Tactical): Toss out a drone which deploys itself as a moving mobile shield
  • Castle Wall (Ultimate): Lunge towards your target and immediately create a fortified stronghold consisting of several armoured walls

That’s everything we know about the next Apex Legends character. Don’t forget to check out our Apex Legends tier list to find out how the current batch of Legends stack up against each other, and an Apex Legends character guide if you’re interested in learning about the roster of legends on offer. Learn about everything new coming to the game in Apex Legends Season 13 by reading our recent guide.