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Shroud knows who the next Apex Legends character is, but “it’s not going to be that sick”

The streamer says the new character will be situational - like Gibraltar or Caustic - rather than another speed demon

Shroud says he knows what the next Apex Legends character will be, but that players shouldn’t be too excited for their arrival. During a stream last week (via Dexerto) the former CS:GO pro told viewers that the new arrival will be a primarily “situational” character.

During his stream, Shroud said that “I already know what the next legend is,” but refused to give away much more information. “All I can tell you about the next legend is that it’s not going to be that sick. It’s going to be cool, but it’s not going to be that sick – that’s all.”

He went on to say that the new legend will be “more of a situational kind of character, rather than speed. What will always happen with this game, is there’s going to be the situational characters, like […] Caustic and Gibraltar, and then there’s going to be the good characters, which will be anything based off movement,” referencing legends such as Octane, Wraith, and Bangalore, who are all extremely mobile.

While many players assume that Apex Legends’ next new character will be Wattson, whose abilities are rumoured to be based around electricity, Shroud is keeping his mouth shut. When one viewer asked him whether the new legend would be “electric,” the streamer simply asked “what are you trying to get me to say here?”

Of the many streamers who broadcast Apex Legends around its release, Shroud is one of the ones more likely to have the inside scoop on what’s coming next to the game. Back at launch, he told viewers that he’d helped develop the game’s recoil, encouraging a Counter-Strike-style system rather than a more randomised approach.

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Whoever the new legend is, we’re expecting to see them by the end of the current season. It’ll be a shame if Shroud’s comments about their relative sick-ness are correct, but either way, a new addition can’t be a bad thing.