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Apex Legends pick rates in season 16 - who is the most popular Legend?

If you’re looking to see who’s been hit the hardest by nerfs, or which legends are overpowered, we’ve got you covered with the Apex Legends pick rates.

Apex Legends pick rates: Catalyst sits on her throne of ferrofluid

Knowing the Apex Legends pick rates can tell you at a glance which legends are a must-play, and which have been put firmly in the ground by nerfs. Pick rates are determined by the percentage of players who choose a legend in any of the competitive modes in Apex Legends.

The pick rates can change dramatically with each patch, as Apex Legends characters get their abilities buffed and nerfed in the FPS game. Wraith, for example, was notoriously overpowered in years gone by but took a nosedive in playtime when her abilities got decimated by a nerf. She has recently clawed her way back into the top spot, with players finding an effective use for her niche kit in the free PC game.

Apex Legends pick rates for season 16

Here is the pick rate for every legend in Apex Legends:

Legend Pick Rate
Pathfinder 12%
Octane 10.4%
Wraith 10.2%
Bangalore 7.9%
Bloodhound 7.1%
Lifeline 5.6%
Horizon 5.3%
Valkyrie 4.7%
Loba 4.5%
Ash 4.2%
Mad Maggie 3.3%
Fuse 3.2%
Seer 3%
Catalyst 3%
Mirage 2.6%
Caustic 2.2%
Wattson 1.9%
Vantage 1.7%
Crypto 1.6%
Rampart 1.5%
Revenant 1.5%
Gibraltar 1.4%
Newcastle 1.2%

Data sourced from apexlegendsstatus.

On her release, Mad Maggie was the perfect addition for aggressive, kill-hungry players, but very quickly dropped in popularity after her drill charge got nerfed against things like Gibraltar’s shield dome and Newcastle’s protective housing. She hasn’t picked up in popularity since, and it’s going to take a pretty hefty buff for that to change any time soon.

With Catalyst being the newest addition to Apex Legend, being released with season 15, it’s surprising that she now finds herself in the middle of the pack, seemingly well-balanced straight out of the gate.

There you have the current pick rates in Apex Legends, showing quite the drop off in popularity after the fourth spot in the list, with the bottom five legends seeing barely any play. If you’re looking to main a new character, we have the definitive Apex Legends tier list here, and all the best guns in one of the best battle royale games out there.