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Apex Legends skins hint next event could feature Aliens and Predators

Apex Legends skin leaks for the next in game event lay some heavy hints down about a future crossover with both Aliens and the Predator

Apex Legends skins hint next event could feature Aliens and Predators: a man and a woman lean on a bar while a hologram pours a drink

Apex Legends skin leaks may hold the key to finding out what is coming to the battle royale game next season, with potential cosmetics pointing a giant, clawed finger toward a potential Prometheus, Aliens, and Predator crossover.

Having another franchise feature in your battle royale is commonplace, with Fortnite seemingly having paired with every intellectual property known to man. Apex has been fairly light on that type of content, seemingly comfortable enough with their own lore that leaning on another license hasn’t been necessary.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user posted their theory on what may feature in Apex, along with some compelling evidence to support their argument. There are three skins coming to the game in the next event which all bear an uncanny resemblance to the themes of Prometheus, Alien, and Predator.

Gibby is unnaturally porcelain white, like the engineer from Prometheus, and we can take a peek at two weapon skins, one black and green with an organic look – Alien – and another that adds almost chain-like armour and gold trim – Predator.

Another user comments below the post with what they hope will come next: “I’d love for Wattson to get a Ripley-inspired skin to go with her Heirloom which has that really cool Aliens reference.” Collaborations and crossover events in games like Apex can be a very cool way of freshening things up whilst also adding a hint of nostalgia. I remember acquiring John McClane the instant he became available in Warzone, because why wouldn’t you want to be John McClane in every part of your life?

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