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Grow your own bridge in gorgeous puzzler Aporia: Beyond the Valley


Aporia: Beyond the Valley is a puzzle game that tells the story of a beautiful fantasy world without resorting to the vulgarity of speech. Last month’s announcement trailer was thick with atmosphere but light on gameplay, raising questions that its latest trailer aims to answer.

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Now you get to see a little of what you’ll actually do,as you explore the eerily deserted world of Ez’rat Qin. Have a watch to taste the light- and physics-based puzzles, manipulating strange nature and ancient technology. It all looks wonderfully soothing, and just a bit unsettling.

If you missed last month’s announcement, Aporia will be published by Green Man Gaming and developed by Investigate North, the people behind mystery game Cloud Chamber. Their chairperson isOle Søndberg, who produced Sweden’s Wallander TV show and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie.

It’s due for release later this summer, and is available to pre-order now on Steamand GMG. Pre-orders get 15% off the general release price of £14.99 ($16.99 US).