Five Ark 2 mods we’d like to see

Ark 2's developers have confirmed that there will be full mod support once the game is released, so here's what we'd like to see when the time comes.

Will Ark 2 have mods? Ark has always been a game with a pretty hefty vision distilled down to one message: survive. Survival can mean many things to many people, but in Ark 2’s case, you’ll have to master both your surroundings and the fauna that live within. This could mean taming dinosaurs, it could mean putting pressure on the mysterious orc-like race that blights your existence.

The Ark 2 release date may still be some ways off, but it hasn’t stopped us dreaming of what we’d like to see the community come up with once the time comes. Ark 2 is shaping up to be one of the best survival games ever, and the inclusion of these mods, we think, will make the experience that much better.

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Ark 2 mod wishlist

Thankfully, the Ark 2 developers have confirmed that the survival game will launch with full mod support from – the team behind – meaning that Ark 2 will feature fully stackable mod support, allowing Xbox and console players to tweak and customize their game just like they were playing on PC – and this will even work on unofficial servers.

So, now that we know we’ll have access to mods, here’s what we’d like to see:

More dinosaurs

We know that Ark 2 will feature a decent-sized roster of dinosaurs when the game launches, but as lovers of anything dino, we want to see the most obscure of creatures get their time in the sun. Special requests for the Longisquama and even the Helicoprion (although we’d probably avoid any large body of water if the second was included).

Fancy swords

There’s no shortage of mythical, magical, or downright cool-looking swords in the games we play, and we want to see them all make an appearance in Ark 2. While Squall’s Gunblade from FFVIII doesn’t exactly fit the setting of Ark 2, we’d love to swan about cutting (and exploding) our enemies to pieces with the iconic weapon.

End-game locations

While the struggle to stay alive is just that, a struggle, veterans of the series will no doubt be able to master their environment with ease, prompting the desire for hard-as-nails locations on the map. A Mad Max-style Thunderdome, for instance, would be an awesome challenge for any high-level player.

Expanded base styles

While the evolution of your base in Ark is currently something to behold, more options are never bad. We want to utilize mod support to build the bridge of the Enterprise, or recreate a Dwarven banquet hall and pretend we’re just having a jolly old time in Moria.

Jeff Goldblum

We know that Vin Diesel will feature in the Ark 2 narrative, but what of everyone’s favorite chaos theory expert? Yeah, Jeff Goldblum. We want to play as the suavest scientist, complete with a half-unbuttoned shirt and a slight sheen of sweat.

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Those are the Ark 2 mods we’d love to see once the game has been released, some are more achievable than others, we’ll admit, but it’s good to have a dream. If you’re still getting stuck into the first game, we have the best Ark mods here, and all the Ark commands here.