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The 10 best Ark Survival Ascended mods

Discover a huge world of Ark Survival Ascended mods, and our pick of the very best includes new monsters to tame and labor-saving devices.

A Mountain Gryphon is one of the new beasts you can tame with the help of Ark Survival Ascended mods.

What are the best Ark Survival Ascended mods? While the reimagined version of the dino survival game is still in its infancy, it promises much of the same core gameplay. Build a tribe from scratch, either on your own or with your friends, and tame dinosaurs across the eras, from the Triassic to the Jurassic, and many more.

When you’ve had your fill of what the developer had in mind with Ark Survival Ascended, mods can include all sorts of new stuff. Some make mundane chores a breeze, while others add completely new beasts or different colored variants to the dinosaur game. You may wish to ensure that your PC can handle mods on top of its otherwise hefty minimum specs, so check out our Ark Survival Ascended system requirements to compare for yourself.

An Archleon is heading toward water and is an one of the best new additions to the Ark Survival Ascended mods.

Best Ark Survival Ascended mods

Here are the 10 best Ark Survival Ascended mods:

Additions Ascended

Technically, this is a collection of seven mods from Garuga123, with the Additions Ascended mod collection consisting of toothy predators of the sea to gargantuan herbivores. On offer are:


Are you always finding that you either run out of space to store stuff in or that the things you have put in and left for just a moment have spoiled without you knowing? The Storage+ mod by GhostGames gives you access to additional boxes, offering “increased flexibility and efficiency in item organization.” There are a bunch of storage-based mods out there, but this one is one of the more stable.

AP: Death Recovery

Are you tired of losing all your stuff when you inevitably get stomped on by a big dino or brutally savaged by another player, especially at higher levels when you could have valuable loot on you? The AP: Death Recovery mod gives you the Recovery Stone at level 25, which, upon interacting with it, will allow you to recover the items you might otherwise have lost upon death.

A Pygmy Gryphon standing next to a Mountain Gryphon. Both are new additions in the best Ark Survival Ascended mods.


What’s better than having a dinosaur companion? How about a winged mythological beastie ripped straight out of ancient Greece? The Gryphons mod by GryphePadar not only gives you access to them as potential pets but also introduces breeding, a special crafting station that allows you to make your own saddles, and two different varieties you can find out in the world beyond your camp.

Solo Farm mod

Even though Ark Survival Ascended is, at its heart, a co-op game, it’s entirely possible to play it on your own with the correct tools. The Solo Farm mod by kavan87 aims to make single-player Ark Survival Ascended games more hassle-free. It does this by putting creatures into a “Farm Mode” where they continuously use their attack until your inventory is full. You can also create presets that you can save for later or load to apply to specific dinos.

Automated Ark

For those who want to eliminate tedious chores, the Automatic Ark mod by blitzfire911 is a collection of sub-routines affecting facilities on the Ark, such as the Console Control, Chem Bench, Industrial Forge, and many more. We highly recommend checking out the latest notes to see what new features can now be automatically resolved.

A man standing in front of a giant list is part of one of the best Ark Survival Ascended mods.

Gaia: Caves Teleporter

Nothing’s worse than spelunking to find hidden treasure only to find out you don’t know the way out. With the Gaia: Caves Teleporter mod, you can instantly warp around to the entrance of any cave, so those days of being lost are now over.

Electric Power Amplifier

Sometimes, the more straightforward mods are the most valuable and practical. This Electric Power Amplifier mod allows you to extend the range of your power generator to grant more energy to devices that are in range. In return, you’ll need to spend a couple of polymer, two metal, and one electronics to craft one.

This fabulous rainbow-colored Dodo is just one of the many shiny creatures as part of the best Ark Survival Ascended mods.

Shiny! Dinos Ascended

If there’s one thing that Pokémon has taught us, it’s that despite being functionally the same as other Pokémon of their species, shiny variants are just that bit more special. Introducing Shiny! Dinos Ascended, where the possibilities are both garish and glorious. Your day is not complete until you’ve tamed a dodo made up of all the colors of the rainbow, so spice up the otherwise dreary creatures by adding these fabulous beasts.

Utilities Plus

The Utilities Plus mod by blitzfire911 is another relatively simple mod that adds some reusable variants of essential items. These include the Bola, Flare Gun, Grappling Hook, Parachute, Spear, Torch, and even U+ Binoculars.

How to install Ark Survival Ascended mods

All of the best Ark Survival Ascended mods are available on Curseforge, and you’ll need to download the app. Install the app, and upon opening it, you should see Ark Survival Ascended among the list of games you can modify. From there, click the URLs in this guide for the mods you wish to install, then enable the mods in the client before loading the game from the Curseforge app.

Those are the best Ark Survival Ascended mods out there, and we’re sure plenty more are on the way soon. In the meantime, you can check out some of the best survival games on the market if you’re in the mood for something different.