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Ark Survival Ascended confirms The Center release date and next dino

The Center release date is set for the next Ark Survival Ascended map, and the giant biome will be joined by new dinosaur the Shastasaurus.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center release date - a mid-sized dinosaur roars.

With the Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth DLC now finally up and running, the divisive Unreal Engine 5 remaster of the dinosaur survival game is preparing for the arrival of its next map. The Center release date was already pushed back from its initial planned launch in February by developer Studio Wildcard “to make sure it meets our expectations and yours.” Now, however, the team confirms that we’ll see the giant, gorgeous biome realized in the remaster at the start of June, alongside the arrival of another majestic new creature.

The Ark Survival Ascended remaster continues to split opinion with a ‘mixed’ Steam user rating of 58% positive reviews, boasting an impressive overhaul but one that struggles from performance and optimization issues and the need to repurchase the game if you own the original Survival Evolved. The good news is that the survival game has just made its way onto Microsoft’s PC Game Pass, so there’s now another option to check out the new version.

The Center is perhaps one of the coolest environments in Ark, a vast, diverse biome double the size of The Island that Studio Wildcard describes as “Tolkien fantasy” in design. Originally created as a custom map by community modder Ben Burkart, known as ‘EvilMrFrank,’ it was later adapted into an official map and includes a range of different climates from swamps, jungles, and tropics to mountains, ice caverns, volcanoes, and even a giant floating island. You can see its original Survival Evolved form in action in the official trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Suffice to say that its arrival in Survival Ascended is much anticipated, so it’s understandable that Studio Wildcard decided to take the extra time to ensure that it reaches its full potential. Also arriving alongside The Center is the seventh winner of the Ark Creature vote, the aquatic Shastasaurus.

The Center arrives in Ark Survival Ascended on Monday June 3. On top of the UE5 revamp, the developer promises “tons of new surprises to uncover,” and adds that “even more exciting developments are cooking for the June 3 update” alongside The Center and the introduction of the Shastasaurus.

Ark Survival Ascended The Center - New dinosaur the Shastasaurus, a water-borne creature.

As mentioned up top, Ark Survival Ascended is now on Game Pass. That’s likely to be very welcome news for some, as one of the hardest pills to swallow about the remaster was its price tag, given that many players had already invested in the original version. Now, if you’re a subscriber to Microsoft’s service you’ll be able to play the remaster there, which also includes the recent Scorched Earth expansion.

There’s also an Ark Survival Ascended free Steam weekend ongoing until Monday April 8, and if you’d rather buy a copy to keep, it’s also 20% off on Steam until Thursday April 11, so you’ll pay $35.99/£30.39 down from $44.99/£37.99.

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