ARK: Survival Evolved tournament is the Hunger Games, open to everyone


Ark’s Survival of the Fittest mode has proven popular enough to demand further tournaments. It’s the Battle Royale/Hunger Games-style competitive multiplayer, designed to be a bit more entertaining to watch than the game’s normal survive ‘n’ thrive mode. It first popped up a couple of months ago and has ran a couple of large tournments since then, both very successful. Now Studio Wildcard have announced a third tournament titled The Last Stand with open qualifiers and $60,000 up for grabs in the finals taking place next month.

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To take part you’ll need to gather friends into a team of six and show up on the right servers at the right times. Between noon and 8pm EST, this is when the Preliminary Rounds will take place.

  • Thursday, September 24, and Saturday, September 26
  • Tuesday, September 29; Thursday, October 1, and Saturday, October 3
  • Tuesday, October 6, and Thursday, October 8
  • Tuesday, October 13, and Thursday, October 15

Taking first in these won’t guarantee you entry, however. It will qualify you for a “Pre-Championships” on October 17th and 20th at the same times. Take that down and you’re in the running for the big moolah, which breaks down like this:

  • First Place Winning Tribe receives: $24,000 (split six ways)
  • Second Place Winning Tribe receives: $12,000 (split six ways)
  • Third Place Winning Tribe receives: $6,000 (split six ways)
  • Each of ‘The Last Stand’ 230 entrants receives a $100 Steam Gift Card
  • All three Championship Winning Tribes will receive an in-game Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophy Structure Skin customized with their Tribe details.

Pretty good money for riding dragons around and killing people. That’s not an easy industry to get into, believe me. If you’re unfamiliar, the Survival of the Fittest mode involves a constantly shrinking map that’s packed with goodies for players to kill each other with. Everybody initially spawns towards the middle of the map with a cache of weapons to fight over or the option of running away into the hills. From there, it’s about whoever can stay alive.

The Grand Finals will be streamed live on Twitch on October 24th. Need to get prepped? Here are our guides to the best Ark modsand the most useful Ark console commands.

Thanks, RPS.