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ARK: Survival Evolved update adds “Joust-like” birds and grappling hooks

ARK Terror Bird

Studio Wildcard’s dinosaur survival extravaganza ARK: Survival Evolved hasn’t exactly been shy with new content since it landed on Steam Early Access last June. Today’s Terror Bird update adds a new avian variety – that can be mounted and flown in “Joust-like glides” – multi-use grappling hooks, and a new Tribal Alliances system.

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Also known as the Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor, the Terror Bird is an aggressive but tamable beast that’ll allow you to sort-of fly around ARK’s leafy bounds by way of short, sustained airborne bursts. If that mode of transport doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, the update’s grappling hook tool can be used to hitch a ride atop more capable soaring strays, as shown in this here trailer:

As much as I adore 80s classic Joust to this day – and as much as I look forward to trialing ARK’s modern day interpretation – I do not fancy goading a T-Rex in the manner shown there.

The Terror Bird update also introduces the new Tribe Alliance feature that allows small tribes to gather against larger ones in PvE and PvP bouts of fisticuffs. All of the update’s new features can be viewed on the game’s Steam page.

ARK: Survival Evolved is due to release in full in summer 2016.