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ARK: Survival Evolved’s dino riders usher in the new year with prehistoric passenger kangaroos

ARK: Survival Evolved

The raptor is in many ways the ideal primeval vehicle. Sleek. Fast. Handles well, if you can tame the thing. But what about when you want to take another survivor to the party and – how embarrassing – there’s nowhere for them to sit?

Step up the Procoptodon: a ginormous kangaroo with two passenger seats, thanks to pouch-based technology.

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It’s a mercy that this marsupial is a herbivore, since it’s almost three metres tall – the largest jumping creature you’re likely to find in ARK’s jurassic wild. If you can cow one, you’ll find that the Procoptodon is capable of covering great distances and effortlessly hopping obstacles.

ARK: Survival Evolved

The ride-along capability – one in the back, one in the pouch – is unmatched elsewhere in the game, and the pouch player can even make use of their weapons while riding. That’ll presumably enable primitive drive-by incidents if you’re so inclined.

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