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This Ark: Survival Evolved mod gives you gorgeous biome displays for your chibis

This mod lets you give all your adorable chibis their own biome display

Sure, it’s great to charge around Ark: Survival Evolved‘s big open world, fending off dinos with a chibi pet at your side. But, what to do when you’ve got a ton of the little critters and want to celebrate and appreciate them, but don’t have space to ferry them all around? Well, a new mod on the action-adventure game’s Steam Workshop might be the perfect answer.

Ark: Survival Evolved fan and modder Eco has a brilliant solution to this dilemma: chibi displays. Their mod lets you “craft decorated biome bases to display and store your favourite chibis”, and the images included on the creation’s page are things of beauty. Each chibi can sit, perched and animated, in its own little biome, with plants and terrain perfectly suited to its type and background.

The way the mod works is by adding a “crafting cart” with a whole bunch of different display options. There’s a “42-slot storage box” as well as a raft of base types – for example, “Biolum”, crystal (green, blue, red, and purple), “calming”, green ocean, lava, sandy, and snowy. There’s also an option for setting up displays on a wall.

According to the mod’s page, the creation supports all of the game’s chibis, including those introduced in DLC packs, and it lets you preserve their custom colours, too. Oh, and if your chibis have hats, they’ll still have hats when you pop your critters in a display. Lovely stuff.

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You’ll be able to keep your little accrued buddies safe, as well, as Eco explains the mod allows all displays, storage, and even the crafting table to be locked, and there’s an option to set up a displays PIN, which you can share with your pals if you want to.

As you can see above, the mini chibi environments are impressive (and really very cute). You can grab the mod for yourself on the Ark: Survival Evolved Steam Workshop here if you’re keen to give it a go.