Arma 3 trailer talks teamwork in multiplayer at length


Arma 3’s finest points are its wide-open sandboxes, its wealth of options and its military verisimilitude – but it’s those latter two qualities that tend to put off even DayZ players wowed by the first. Thankfully, Bohemia have recruited ShackTactical’s Andrew ‘Dslyecxi’ Gluck for a series of videos designed to divulge multiplayer tactics 101.

This first guide covers the basics of effective teamplaying in Arma. Its tips for infantry combat, says Dslyecxi, “should be applicable to a large percentage of the situations you’ll find yourself in”.

Arma 3’s semi-open alpha trundles onwards, and you can still pay for instant access via its tiered pre-order deal. Bohemia have eyes on an Autumn release date for the definitive mil-sim. Have you swum with the turtles yet?