Arma 3 video shows an hour of release content


Last week we learned Arma 3 will be launching without a campaign. It will arrive eventually as a three-part free DLC but until then we’ll have to make do with the multiplayer, creating our own scenarios, and the showcase release content. Bohemia have released an hour of footage showing what content will be available at launch which isn’t in the beta right now.

Arma 3 is releasing with 12 showcases and it is this that Bohemia begin by showing. The showcases aren’t things you take a major part in. For instance, in the NATO showcase, which kicks off the livestream video, is a way to see all the factions vehicles arranged on an airstrip. You can also travel out and see the heavy artillery shooting out into a field. Announcers tell you about all the equipment, too.

The showcases are hardly going to hold your attention long. They’re essentially a run down of equipment and tactics. A tutorial. Ish.

The video also shows some challenges – 10 of which ship with the game. They’re things like target ranges and speed runs. The challenges will introduce you to different aspects of the game and so, again, are a little like tutorials.

It’s fine content and looks worth playing through but it’s disappointing that this meant to stave off distraction until the campaign is released. I think I’ll be looking to the multiplayer till the first campaign DLC hits.

Arma 3 is launching on 12 September.