Arma 3’s Bootcamp update will get you ready for battle

Arma 3 bootcamp

Listen up, maggots. Arma 3 received an update today that will turn you into battle-ready soldiers instead of the pitiful, sad excuse for soldiers that you are now. The Bootcamp update introduces new single and multiplayer tutorials, a virtual reality training sim and the Virtual Arsenal, which lets you view equipment, weapons and soldiers in a VR space.

Get clued up with the video below.  

Arma 3 already had its fair share of tutorials, but this update expands them considerably. The multiplayer bootcamp is especially interesting, as it gives players the ability to create new tutorials using the Zeus framework. If you want to help a buddy get better, jump in and become their instructor and design the bootcamp around their weaknesses.

The update adds more than tutorials, though. Weapon sway and fatigue mechanics have been tweaked and refined, better simulating the effect of weight on stamina and aiming with heavier weapons.

Steam Workshop support has also been expanded. Instead of players just being able to upload scenarios, add-ons like custom weapons and vehicles will now be supported by the platform. Making things easier for you when you’ve got a lot of mods, the Arma launcher has been published, letting you organise your mods with greater ease.

The update is a free automatic update, so go and improve yourself now.