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Bohemia Interactive announce Tanoa expansion for Arma 3


At this year’s PC Games Show at E3, Bohemia Interactive popped in to announce a new expansion for Arma III, Tanoa, a map featuring lush tropical islands that wouldn’t look out of place in a Just Cause game.

Jay Crow, Creative Director of Bohemia Interactive told the audience that that they were excited to explore the pacific theatre with Tanoa, featuring over 100km of tropical islands and archipelagos and due for the first half of 2016.

Jay explained that while the core Arma experience would feature the same “richly detailed and authentic world,” exploring the islands would offer new challenges for players, such as having to traverse water, or even under water. Indeed, he stressed that the water showed how much Direct X 12 was a boon for Arma III, with highly realistic reflections.

Joris Jan Van’t Land added that the setting was “really fresh” for the Arma series, and that while he was “really looking forward to making some cool military scenarios for it” he was also excited to offer a “whole new canvas for modders.”

Joking about how inventive Arma modders have been, he concluded “I’m looking forward to seeing some dinosaurs on Tanoa, honestly.”