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Armikrog releases today, breaks out the mould to break your brain

Armikrog launch

Armikrog, the spiritual successor to ‘90s claymation adventure game The Neverhood, releases today on PC, Mac, and Linux. Like its predecessor, Armikrog is a puzzle game filled with oddball characters, even weirder music, and it’s all hand-crafted from clay. Take a look at it all in motion in the launch trailer.

It looks pretty much like The Neverhood HD, only with entirely different characters, areas, puzzles, and plot. However, if The Neverhood was one of those games that shaped your earlier years, you’ll see plenty of nods to that game: not only are the characters reminiscent of that world, but puzzles like cars that follow grids in the wall, and dealing with massive, toothy monsters, all seem part of the proceedings.

The game is a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign by developer Pencil Test, who include among their ranks Doug TenNapel – creator of The Neverhood and Earthworm Jim – and Mike Dietz. The team also brought back Terry Scott Taylor to create a new, bizarre soundtrack for the game.

If you fancy helping Tommynaut and his blind dog Beak Beak find their way out of the fortress Armikrog (by presumably solving lots of bloody hard puzzles) you can grab the game from Steam. If you backed on Kickstarter, check you emails for your game key.