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All Armored Core 6 characters

Who ae the major characters in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon? From capitalists to freelancer pilots, we'll walk you through who’s who on Rubicon-3.

Who are the main Armored Core 6 characters? Armored Core games have always featured an eclectic cast of characters from mech pilots to evil AI supercomputers that just want to control the world, and Armored Core 6 is delivering an even more unique set of characters in the latest entry.

Now that the Armored Core 6 release date is finally here, players will be encountering a wide variety of different pilots. We also learn about the pilot they’re playing is a first for the series, as it’s a named protagonist with a real backstory outside of being a lone mercenary. Here are all the major characters in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

Augmented Human C4-621, “Raven”

Rather than just being a nameless mercenary known as a Raven or Lynx, this is the first Armored Core game where you play as a named protagonist. Augmented Human C4-621 is a human subjected to cybernetic and coral-based enhancements to become an Armored Core pilot. Somewhere along the line, your memory and recollection of past missions has been either wiped on purpose or by accident. 621’s personal Handler, Walter, mentions they have a “fried brain,” and it becomes a sticking point that they are an anomaly among other augmented human pilots.

C4-621 is ordered to be awakened from stasis after Handler Walter and his unit, the Hounds, suffer catastrophic losses during a mission on Rubicon-3 that resulted in a successful mission but all of the members of the mercenary unit were killed in action. Now as the next Hound, 621 is sent to Rubicon-3 illegally under Walter’s orders. Upon landing and finding a downed AC, 621 hijacks a mercenary license from recently deceased pilot RB23, callsign “Raven.”

armored Core 6 character walter

Handler Walter and The Hounds

Handlers in Armored Core 6 are commanders of mercenary units and figureheads who manage jobs for their soldiers. The player’s Handler is a mysterious man named Walter, the head of a mercenary unit with the nickname of his “Hounds.” Walter suffers a massive setback after a mission on Rubicon-3 goes horribly awry, resulting in the loss of Hound units 617 through 620.

Walter meets with a mysterious third party to recruit a new Hound to his unit, Augmented Human C4-621. Walter doesn’t value the lives of his Hounds as anything more than tools, only giving them a reason to exist by giving them orders as combat units doing tasks no other AC pilot or mercenary would take.

The Armored Core 6 characters Corporations include Allmind and the symbol

The Corporations

Corporations in Armored Core are more than just fancy brand names that make cool robot parts. In Fires of Rubicon, corporations are all vying for control of the surface of Rubicon-3 and its most precious resource, Coral, a revolutionary material that powers weaponry and can advance human technology forward centuries if its secrets can be unlocked.

Several different corporations have been seen in Armored Core 6 including Arquebus Corp, Allmind, BAWS, Balam, Furlong Dynamics, Schneider, and RaD. Many of these corporations and conglomerates make their profits mainly from weapons manufacturing and development of technologies for both Rubiconians and space-faring people alike.

The corporations employ units of elite pilots to do their bidding on various missions, whether that be fighting the rebels of the Rubicon Liberation Front or rival company enforcers. Some noteworthy units include Balam’s Red Guns and Arquebus Corp’s Vespers. Both of these elite forces are encountered early on in the game along with many more elite pilots and hitmen later on as the story unfolds.

Armored Core 6 character Rusty

V-IV “Rusty”

Rusty is a captain in Arquebus Corp’s elite squadron, the Vespers. An augmented pilot much like C4-621, Rusty is an ace pilot of an Armored Core and assists 621 in Operation: Wallclimber, a joint effort to storm the Rubicon Liberation Front’s main fortress known simply as “The Wall,” a massive dam-like structure fortified by tough defenses none have been able to penetrate the other side of.

While most other pilots treat C4-621 as someone who has disrespected the mercenary code, Rusty finds some kind of compassion with 621 as someone who seems to understand the mercenary life as an augmented pilot whose only goal in life is to pilot their AC from mission to mission.

The Rubicon Liberation Front

The Rubicon Liberation Front is an organization made up of citizens of Rubicon-3 wanting to break the planet free of the yoke of capitalism and a tyrannical rule of the corporations oppressing and sweeping aside innocent civilians in the name of profits and gains only for those that can afford the luxury of freedom. The RLF has also amassed some advanced weapons stolen from corporate conglomerates to help their cause such as the Strider, an immense walking fortress armed with a specialized energy cannon mounted to its main body.

That’s all of the main Armored Core 6 characters we know about so far. Don’t forget to check out our AC6 review to see what we thought about the game. We’ve also got information on leg types for the perfect build, and the story of the Fires of Rubicon so far.