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Armored Core 6 gets a sillier Gundam-style rival

With Zoid-style dino-mechs, tanks in high heels and many more oddities, Custom Mech Wars makes Armored Core 6 and Gundam look reserved.

Armored Core 6 meets Gundam: A mech, made up of a tank on some feminine robot legs.

Have you ever wondered what Armored Core 6 would be like if it was even sillier? Or maybe you’ve got bored with Gundam and what you really want is a stack of severed doll heads on tank tracks instead of Armored Core 6? Then upcoming mecha robot game Custom Mech Wars could be right up your street if our Armored Core 6 review didn’t sell you on the FromSoftware game already.

I’m not kidding about the doll heads, either. Custom Mech Wars looks to be totally ridiculous and I’m absolutely here for that. Yes, rogue robots are taking over the world, and that’s sad. But the plus side of this near-apocalypse is you get to run around as a tank in high heels.

It’s being developed and published by D3 Publisher, whose parent company, Bandai Namco, publishes both the Armored Core and Gundam games.

In terms of gameplay, it looks to be more straightforward than either of those titles. But, as the title suggests, it’s the customization features that could make Custom Mech Wars a winner with Armored Core and Gundam fans alike.

Armored Core 6’s mech-building mechanic is fantastic but there are limits to what you can get away with. Custom Mech Wars, on the other hand, promises to let you build pretty much anything.

“Freely build mechs with all kinds of designs and parameters, no matter how unconventional—the only limit is your imagination”, the game’s official site boasts.

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And, to drive this point home, the trailer features a range of gloriously absurd mechs, including Bunny Wunny Bot, Drill**** Bot, Choo-Choo-Choo Bot (three trains on top of each other), and Macho Legs Bot. There’s even a definitely-not-Voltron mech on show.

The trailer also offers a glimpse of the mech-creation system which looks absolutely wild. You’ll be able to battle computer-controlled foes or, and this is the bit we’re looking forward to, take your creations online.

The trailer does make me wonder how online play will be organized so that you’re not always getting your metallic bottom kicked by some massively overpowered mech. I absolutely want to build the silliest mech I can but is it worth the risk of being outclassed?

Custom Mech Wars arrives on PC sometime this Winter, which should give you enough time to polish off Armored Core 6. If you need help with that, here’s a breakdown of all the Armored Core 6 bosses, and we’ve even condensed the Armored Core 6 story, ideal for Armored Core newcomers.