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Elden Ring dev’s website is now Armored Core, suspiciously

Is a new Armored Core game about to be revealed? The From Software website has had an unintentional rebrand that may hint at the Elden Ring team's next game

Is a new Armored Core game coming? Is the From Software website teasing it? Either way, this Shockwave guy is 'armless

It was recently confirmed by Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki that the next From Software game is currently in the “final stages” of development and the most likely candidate is a new Armored Core game. Now, to add fuel to the fire, the official From Software website has received a rebrand – to ‘Armored Core.’

We’ve known since 2016 that From Software has had at least three games in development, with two being Sekiro and Elden Ring. The third is still a mystery but in a recent interview, Miyazaki suggests it is close to completion – and a survey sent out in January showed screenshots, details, and even footage of a “third-person shooter mecha action title.”

With Armored Core 6 possibly about to get an imminent announcement, the community was somewhat shocked to discover that the official From Software website appears to have been renamed “Armored Core” on Google – igniting speculation, especially as the series isn’t even first up on the page.

Unfortunately for speculators, this seems more likely to be an error on behalf of From Software and Google, as the website doesn’t appear to have a proper meta tag to call it ‘From Software’ so Google seemingly pulled it from the top alphabetical game listed – which is, of course, Armored Core.

We’re labelling this as a false alarm, for now. Nevertheless, it’s suspicious timing considering we’re all expecting Armored Core to be From Software’s next game. Given how great Elden Ring is, we can’t wait to see an open-world game with third-person mech combat – apart from this weird Elden Ring build, of course.