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Armored Warfare’s open beta begins October 8 - here’s a trailer to celebrate


It might not be as inventive as the Japanese trailer for World of Tanks, but Armored Warfare’s video celebration of its open beta announcement certainly does the job. 

There aren’t any innuendos here – it’s all badass modern tanks, explosions and really bad rock music. A guy keeps singing “We won’t surrender” and to be honest he sounds like he could do with a cough sweet. Chill out, mate, it’s only pretend tanks. Get yourself down the pharmacy.

The trailer shows us some of the PvE action, with its tactical co-op missions, and there’s a focus on customisation – we see some tanks playing dress up and the base building mechanics are teased.

There seems to be plenty of tactical choices, with vehicle variants, bases and loadout all coming into play when you deploy. It’s is shaping up nicely and looks like it could be some real competition for World of Tanks.

Check out the beta announcement trailer below:

The open beta begins on October 8. Will you be jumping in?