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Ashes of Creation is having a special summer crowdfunding campaign

Ashes of Creation splash

Following its massively successful Kickstarter that raised over $3.2 million, Ashes of Creation developer Intrepid Studios are extending their crowdfunding efforts with a summer campaign. Designed for those who couldn’t back the original Kickstarter due to geographical limitations, this round of funding looks to unlock more goodies for this ambitious MMO.

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This campaign will last until July 21, with Intrepid offering alternate backer rewards from those seen in the first Kickstarter. If any of the new rewards catch your eye, you can buy these as separate add-ons to augment your previous donation.

There are also brand new backer goals, which will unlock special features for all those who have helped fund Ashes of Creation. These include a backer-specific dance, an exclusive parlour game, a unique statue for freehold settlements and even a wand for “special top secret stuff.”

The donations go all the way up to $5,050, with deep-pocketed backers receiving a custom-designed freehold manor, a special player aura, and the opportunity to design their own monster to feature in the full game. It’s not quite the solid gold castle that backers get for investing $30,000 in Shroud of the Avatar but it’s still quite the reward.

If you’re interested in potentially backing Ashes of Creation you should check out its new crowdfunding site for all the details. You’ll have to wait quite a while before you see the fruits of Intrepid Studios’ labour, with the closed beta of Ashes of Creation set to launch in December 2018.