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Come see exclusive gameplay footage from Ashes of the Singularity’s Escalation expansion, out November 3

Ashes Escalation Gameplay

What to do with a massive-scale RTS with maps the size of planets? Well, make it larger, of course. Ashes of the Singularity is getting an expansion come November 3, the standalone Escalation. It adds units to every faction, better defensive options and new UI options that scale better with the game itself, including the much-requested strategic zoom. You can see new gameplay footage above, exclusive to PCGamesN… until the rest of the internet nicks it, obviously.

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Escalation will run you $39.99 if you don’t own the base game, while those that do will get it half-price. Pre-orders are available over on the official site at $10 off. Those that have played before will get a brand-new full campaign in there, with new tilesets allowing for larger battles and maps expanded through multi-tiered terrain. New units and maps will also continue to be added over the next couple of months for free, to owners of both the original game and Escalation.

You can see some fresh screenshots from the expansion below.

Ashes Escalation

Ashes Escalation

Ashes Escalation

Larger versions over on Imgur.