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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s new Leap of Faith lets you jump anywhere without dying

Assassins Creed Odyssey leap of faith

Like its predecessor, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is set to make a lot of fundamental changes to the series, including one to perhaps its most iconic ability: the Leap of Faith. Whereas in all prior installments, jumping off anything very tall would lead to certain death unless you landed in something soft (NB: haybales are in fact not soft, but videogames yo), in Odyssey, “falling does cause damage, but is not fatal.”

We’re quoting the new skills menu there, under the ‘Leap of Faith’ ability. Leap of Faith is classified a ‘baseline ability’, and is seemingly unlocked from the start, so it appears that it is now impossible to die from fall damage. Leap of Faith can be upgraded at level 20 to negate all fall damage, so you can jump off anything, any height, any time, without fear. There’s still quite a nice swan-dive-into-somersault animation though, so not everything has changed.

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You can peruse the new skills menu in the footage below, courtesy of Open World Games and Beyond on YouTube (skip ahead to 5:15 for the Leap of Faith bit). Ubisoft confirms the changes on its blog, saying:

“And then there’s Leap of Faith, which now not only lets you perform a classic swan dive from high places, but protects you from dying if you take a bad fall. Upgrade the ability, and the Spear of Leonidas’ power will keep you from ever taking falling damage again.”

So there’s your in-universe explanation for your godlike powers: the Spear of Leonidas – a family heirloom that is also an artefact from the First Civilisation, and bestows some of their powers accordingly. The Spear is Ubisoft’s way “of giving the player access to those First Civ elements that they’ve never had access to.”

“2,500 years ago is the oldest we’ve ever gone in Assassin’s Creed, and it’s where that connection to the First Civilisation is the strongest it’s ever been in the franchise.”

Perhaps this will reassure those longtime fans who may be concerned at the lack of assassins in the game – Odyssey is set hundreds of years before last year’s Origins which, appropriately, told the story of the foundation of the assassins’ order in Ancient Egypt.

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