Assassin’s Creed Origins is starting a trilogy which goes to Greece next, say latest rumours

Assassin's Creed Origins

We’re well into the season for rumours and leaks with E3 almost upon us, and now an anonymous 4chan user has posted a slew of what they claim are new details from the next Assassin’s Creed game. Notable highlights are that the modern setting is to be expanded, that a trilogy starring the new protagonist is planned, and that there will be no naval combat, despite the return of boats.

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Here’s the thread, in which they supplement their original post with answers to questions from other users. There’s also a helpful summary on the Assassin’s Creed subreddit, courtesy of Valtari5.

Obviously these are all rumours and unconfirmed leaks, so you know what games journo cliché is coming: apply some salt (the sceptical kind, not the bitter, sore-loser kind). Valtari5 argues that it’s believable because 4chan also leaked the first of two images from the game that have emerged so far, but note that only the second of these has been authenticated.

Highlights from Valtari5’s summary are:

  • Not only are the two leaked images both real, but both were intentional and “controlled”. The first is very old, the second (with the boat) is a picture from a demo we’ll see at E3.
  • There’s a new scouting mechanic – an eagle – whose placeholder name for now is “Akhom”. You’ll no longer climb towers to find side activities and points of interest – that’s Akhom’s job now.
  • There’s a new and expanded modern day setting with a new, male, mixed-race protagonist. He’s a trained assassin, has a new team of assistants, and has been given a task by William Miles himself. Desmond’s former allies William, Rebecca, and Shaun all appear. The modern plot will emphasise the impact that assassins and Templars are having on the world today.
  • The 4chan poster is uncertain exactly when it’s set, but it’s between 1400 and 1200 BCE. This would be during the New Kingdom of Egypt, when it attained its greatest territorial extent. These dates would also overlap with the early Ramesside period – Ramesses II was one of Egypt’s most notable pharaohs.
  • There will be no naval combat. The boat you’ve seen is just a sailing boat used for travel purposes, like in The Witcher III, but a tad more customisable.
  • The devs have focused on story 100%. There is “no multiplayer whatsoever”, but there are micro-transactions, like in Black Flag and Rogue. Multiplayer is still “on the cards”, and might return at some point.
  • The main protagonist (in the past) is Israelite, and doesn’t have a name at the start. Characters will later call him ‘Shed’, after theEgyptian god of salvation, asthe story involves freeing people from slavery. A trilogy of games starring Shed is planned, as with Ezio. Greece is the next setting.
  • Apparently, the reason the series hasn’t gone to Japan is “because the higher-ups don’t see it being successful”. The same applies to WWI and WWII.Chronicles, which was set in China, was made to “please the fans”.
  • Ubisoft took Unity’s backlash very seriously, and are determined to avoid a similar number of bugs in Origins. “Syndicate was about 60% complete when the backlash came to light, so Ubi shoved that one out of the door before we had the break,” says the 4chan poster.
  • The hidden blade is an early version, and requires the loss of a finger. There’s also a bow, a shield, various swords, spears and throwing knives.

We reached out to Ubisoft for more, and received the anticipated advice that they don’t comment on rumour or speculation.